Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black

Black as a paint color, let’s talk about it. Did you know that black is technically not a color but a shade? It’s true, fun fact, black and white are both shades not colors. For the discussion of paint colors though, we call black a color. Like white paint colors, all black paint colors are not created equal. Blacks have undertones and values that can alter how they look in a room. Today’s topic is the ever-popular black paint color, Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black. Tricorn Black is a true black paint color but we’ll get into those details in just a bit.

Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black a true black paint color

About Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black SW 6258

Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black is one of the most popular black paint colors. The neutral yet bold color makes a perfect contrast to a bright white. Sherwin Williams describes the color as a, “trendy, never-boring black.” They go on to say that you can, “pair it with white for a classic contrast. Since it’s a true black, it works with any undertone.” It’s true that Tricorn Black is as close to true black as you’re gonna get. It’s classic, it’s timeless, and it’s a great pick for bold interiors walls and black cabinets. It’s also a fabulous contrasting trim color and even works as a bold color for painting architectural features. 

Is Tricorn Black a “True Black”?

If you’re searching for a black that is BLACK and not blue-black or green-black, then yes, Tricorn Black is about as true as it gets in terms of paint colors. This black is part of Sherwin Williams’ Top 50 Colors and if you’re wondering why Tricorn Black is so popular, one reason is that it lacks any obvious undertones making it a very reliable, neutral black.

What is the Light Reflectance Value of SW Tricorn Black

Lift Reflectance Value (LRV) is really important when examining paint colors. LRV refers to the amount of light that the paint color reflects.  Every paint color has an LRV number from 0-100 (0 being pure black and 100 being pure white). Of course, dark colors will have lower LRVs. Tricorn Black has an LRV of 3. We just discussed whether or not Tricorn Black is a “true black” – and although it does appear true black it clearly isn’t the blackest black can get according to LRV. That being said, Tricorn Black is the blackest black that Sherwin Williams offers.

Does Tricorn Black Have Undertones?

We talk a lot about undertones when trying to understand how a color is going to look on our walls. While some black shades have noticeable undertones like brown or red, Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black paint color has no obvious undertones not even a hint of color beneath the surface. It’s neither cool nor warm. It’s as neutral as paint colors get. 

This is where I tell you how important it is to sample any paint color before you commit to painting your walls. Colors can look perfect on a paint chip and then once they’re on the walls or on your front door, they look completely different. 

It’s a great idea to stick paint samples of your desired color in the space you’re thinking about painting and check in at varying times throughout the day to get a true, accurate idea of what the color will look like in your space.

I really like  SAMPLIZE. Samplize offers convenient peel-and-stick paint samples that are affordable, more accessible, and better for the environment than traditional paint pots. They are mess-free, display colors just like a wall, are reusable so you can try them out all over the room, and arrive on your doorstep in just a few days! 

Where to Use Tricorn Black

Okay, let’s dive into all the places you can use Tricorn Black because this is the most versatile color!

Exteriors – For the exterior of a home, Tricorn Black will provide you with the perfect, rich, full-of-depth black color. It can make a statement when this rich color, full of warmth, is painted all over a home’s exterior. It also is an elegant contrast as a trim color to the classic white house, black trim. Tricorn Black is a popular paint color for shutters. Additionally, SW Tricorn Black is an exceptional color for your front door. Black front doors are polished and refined and bring a layer of elegance as no other colors can. 

Interior Doors – Please don’t neglect those interior doors. You can say so much in your home by simply changing the color of your interior doors. Black is a popular and neutral choice for a contrasting color to other lighter neutrals like your typical white, beige, and gray paint colors.

Wall Color – Maybe you’re considering a black wall color or even a black accent wall color, that’s a good idea. Too often black is overlooked as a feasible paint color because of its boldness but as you’ll see in just a moment, black hues can make for a really elegant and inspired space. If a whole room still feels like too much to you, I encourage you to give Tricorn Black a try as an accent color.

Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black in Real Spaces

If you’re like me, it’s not enough to just talk about the color. I want to see it in action. What does it look like on the walls or on the trim? Here’s the part where we dive into that. Let’s take a look at Tricorn Black in some real spaces from around the web.

When you ask me if Tricorn Black is a true black, I will refer you to this photo alone. Look at that rich black staircase and interior door. I really love the contrast here. The black makes the white look even more white. What we have here is the perfect classic combo.

We didn’t even talk about how great black is for kitchen cabinets. I talk a little bit about black cabinets in my favorite paint colors for kitchen cabinets but we must mention it here. This is a classic. You have the rich black with white quartz countertops and backsplash. The little design notes like the black sink, the white fridge and range, and even the black interior door knobs all really allow the black and white to marry in such an elegant way.

I love black as an accent wall. One excellent way to make a TV disappear from your wall is to put it on a black wall. Here we get a really nice version of a modern farmhouse with a Tricorn Black ship-lapped fireplace flanked by floating shelves. The black fireplace is complemented nicely by the black windows and doors.

Rolling along on the black accent wall kick – how about a bedroom black accent wall? Yes, please. One thing I love about this accent wall is that it’s not just a painted wall, it’s a black accent wall with a modern wood accent and I love it. One thing I need to point out here is that adding accent details like this accent wall is a great way to distract from awkwardly placed home features like this trio of windows above the bed.

I haven’t always appreciated bold design, I tend to favorite light and bright but this gorgeous all black bathroom caught my eye. Matte black walls, black trim, black vanity, black tile, say less. It’s a vibe. If you are stylish enough to try a design like this then Tricorn Black is 100% your color.

Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black exterior trim color
Roost Custom Homes

Here’s the classic black and white combo at its best. White houses with black trim, although they’re currently trending, are a forever stylish combination. Tricorn Black as an exterior trim color is perfect. I love all the trim work in the photo of the home above.

What Colors Go With Tricorn Black?

I have great news if you aren’t sure what colors pair well with Tricorn Black – the answer is virtually all of them. Tricorn Black is super neutral with really no undertones so that means you don’t really have to be concerned about colors clashing. Obviously, I love the classic mix of black and white so you can pair a creamy white like Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace or even Sherwin Williams Oyster White with Tricorn Black for a classic combo. If you are hoping to achieve a warmer color palette you can pair Tricorn Black with golds, terracotta, or pewter greens. If you are aiming for a cooler palette you can pair Tricorn Black with greige paint colors, blue-greens, and blues.

What are Some Alternative Black Colors to Tricorn Black? 

There are a couple of other options for black(ish) paint colors from Sherwin Williams and I wanted to show you how they compare to Tricorn Black.

Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black vs. Sherwin Williams Caviar

SW Tricorn black compared to SW Caviar

Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black and Caviar are neighbors on the paint card. Caviar is one shade “lighter” than Tricorn Black but they both share an LRV of 3. Caviar doesn’t have super strong undertones but it can read a little tiny bit brown. You might see those brown undertones if it’s paired with wood trim or warmer tones. If you want something more reliably black-black then Tricorn is the best choice.

Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black vs. Sherwin Williams Black Magic

similar paint colors to tricorn black - black magic

Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black and Sherwin Williams Black Magic are also on the same paint card. Black Magic is two shades “lighter” than Tricorn Black. Both colors, along with SW Caviar, have an LRV of 3. While Black Magic may not exactly be lighter – it’s slightly less black than Tricorn Black. If you want black but are concerned about the depth of Tricorn Black then Black Magic is a really good option. It’s neutral like Tricorn Black – it just is a few shades softer.

Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black vs. Sherwin Williams Iron Ore

Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black vs Sherwin Williams Iron Ore

Okay, Sherwin Williams Iron Ore is not black. It’s technically a dark charcoal gray but I wanted to include it here because it can give you a similar feel to a black paint color. Iron Ore is the lightest color on the same paint card as Tricorn Black. It has an LRV of 6 which is several shades lighter. It’s rich and sophisticated but has more softness than a true black paint color.

Final Thoughts on Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black

Bottom line, if you want a black paint color that is going to appear black, Tricorn Black is an excellent choice. It’s the most popular Sherwin Williams black paint color because it’s the best Sherwin Williams black paint color. It’s neutral, it doesn’t have undertones you need to be concerned about, and it’s consistently reliable. Whether you’re selecting this color for your home’s exterior or interior, it’s sure to make a beautiful statement.

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