Burlap Gift Bags DIY Holiday Gift Bags

Can we talk about gift wrap today?

I’m bad. I haven’t wrapped a single present. That means it’s bare beneath my tree. There are two reasons for it. One is I have a toddler and two, I don’t love wrapping gifts. I prefer gift bags. It’s true. And since I prefer gift bags, I’m showing you how I made these cute little burlap gift bags.
painted burlap gift bagsThey are perfect for pretty much anything and you can personalize them so easily!

You’ll need a few supplies: burlap, sewing machine, thread, scissors, paint, stencils.

burlap bags

Sewing these bags up is really simple. Just take two pieces of burlap the same size. You can vary the size of the bag to fit any gift you’d like. I made smaller bag to fill with candy.
burlap gift bagsPin two pieces of burlap together on three sides, and sew.

burlap painted gift bags Turn bags right side out, and you’ll have perfect little bags!
Stenciled Gift BagsTo personalize, create or use a store bought stencil to paint onto the burlap. I did a monogram and Christmas trees. Make sure you put a piece of cardboard on the inside of the bag before you start painting because it will bleed through.gift bag

I used regular acrylic craft paint from the craft store. Let the paint dry before filling the bag with goodies.IMG_3494The last thing to do is fill your bags with goodies and tie them up with cute ribbon! You can even embellish it with twine and some tree trimmings for a little rustic touch.

Now you have the perfect little burlap gift bag for some fun holiday gifting!
25 Days of Christmas Series at thatswhatchesaid_I’m so happy to be participating in That’s What Che Said’s 25 Days of Christmas Series! Cheryl has been sharing tons of awesome holiday inspiration. You won’t want to miss a single day! Check it all out at her blog, That’s What Che Said.



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  1. These are so cute Chelsea- love it. Think I might try this for wine bottle gifts. Thanks for sharing!!

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  7. I just really like these bags, you are so experienced. This is something I would really like to try to do.

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