Coffee Table Styling – 3 Ways

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Can we talk about coffee table styling for a sec? I’m going to be real and say most days my coffee table is a hot mess. My standard go-to is a galvanized tray with a vase of fresh or faux blooms. The tray ends up as the perfect catchall for all of the tiny toys that I take away from Millie throughout the day. Sigh. I do love the look of a perfectly styled coffee table so I am trying to learn a few tricks of the trade because really, it creates a very polished look. One day, when I’m not picking up tiny toys and hiding them in the tray on my coffee table, I’d love to have a nicely styled coffee table. For now, I’ll keep learning tricks and share them with you!
Coffee Table Styling 3 Ways

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I picked out a few of my favorite accessories that I thought would work well for the ultimate coffee table styling challenge. Ps – that should be a thing. For now, the challenge was me attempting to style a coffee table. Ha. My essentials for accessorizing are always books, candle holders, and some sort of vessel like a tray or a vase so that was my jumping off point.
Coffee Table Styling Three Ways Style 1

Style 1: I stacked a few design books alongside a white serving tray. I was trying to achieve some visual interest with groupings and layers by placing the candle holders and vase on top of the tray. For more height, I added my favorite ginger jar. I love blue and white and it plays nicely with the blue chair and medallion pillow.
Coffee Table Styling Three Ways Style 2

Style 2: I liked the idea of playing with shapes here so I placed two stacks of books (rectangles) on my round coffee table. I think it would look great to have rectangular trays here as well. Using small objects like votives, lanterns, something with a unique shape is great for a book topper. For height, I added my gray candleholders. I like to accessorize in threes or any odd number so three little collections seemed to go nicely.
Coffee Table Styling Three Ways Style 3

Style 3: This is the one that stuck. Again with my galvanized metal tray [similar], I added a little jar of fresh blooms with some metallic votives and gray candleholders. For a pop of blue to tie in my other blue accents I added some blue and white napkins as a liner.

Some go to accessories for coffee table styling:

  • Books
  • Candles/Candlesticks/Candleholders
  • Fresh and Faux Blooms
  • Trays
  • Interesting Objects
  • Coasters
  • Vases
  • Potted Plants
  • Bowls
  • Trinket Boxes

Are you big on coffee table styling? Do you have any tips for me as I try to master this art form? Let me have them!

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