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Custom Chalkboard to Hide an Awkward Cutout

Yesterday I shared my IKEA desk and how it’s looking with my new workspace. I didn’t talk much about that giant chalkboard though. Not because I don’t love it but because there was more to the story. It’s a cover up!

Custom Chalkboardhide an awkward cutout with a custom chalkboard

You know we live in base housing and there are many, many things in this house that I struggle with. I’m careful to show off the pretty parts here on the blog but in reality there are many things in our home that aren’t what I would choose if I owned it. I’m sure lots of renters feel the same way. I get really excited when I find small ways to make our house feel more like us. This was one of those big “SCORE!” moments for me. Another point for me in winning the decorating contest against the rental.

This house was built in the 70s and although it’s been renovated there are somethings around here that are straight flashbacks. One example, this awkward cutout in the wall that separates the kitchen and living room area. I think the idea behind it was to keep an open flow between the kitchen and living area but it just ugly and awkward.

Hiding an awkward cut out

It’s probably my number one least favorite thing behind the ugly gray carpet. I always felt like I couldn’t keep anything on the counter in that section of the kitchen because it would be an eye sore from the living room. I finally had the bright idea to just cover it up. I thought about doing some DIY wall art but I knew this would be my workspace eventually so an oversized custom chalkboard seemed like the perfect solution.

Budget Friendly Workspace via Making Home Base

I made this chalkboard using the same technique I used to make the DIY Framed Map and the Hanging Chalkboard except on a BIG scale. I used my favorite stain Minwax Special Walnut of course. This custom chalkboard measures about 48 inches wide. It’s really big! I think the total cost was somewhere around $30 which is really great for something this size! I love using it to write out my favorite quotes, verses, or long lyrics. It’s really inspiring to see meaningful words not just while working in this space but just walking by.

Hide an Awkward Cut Out

Doesn’t it make such a big difference? You guys!  This is just one example of ways you can make your home feel more like you. It doesn’t have to be anything HUGE or permanent. Sometimes you just need a little cover up.

Thanks for visiting with me today! If you want to hear more about how I got this workspace for less than $200 check out this post: My New Workspace.

I’m sharing this project at these great parties: Home Stories A to Z and My Uncommon Slice of SuburbiaSavvy Southern Style, My Repurposed Life


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  5. I love this chalkboard sign. I actually want a big chalkboard sign for my dining area. If you have not shared this at Bacon Time linky yet please do. You did a great job. It looks great. Love the quote too!

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  7. What a creative idea! I would have never thought of that. I have a friend who could benefit from your project. Thanks for sharing!

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  11. Hello Chelsea,

    Lovely decor! Just to let you know the awkward cutout in the wall is a pass through. It allows the cook to lay the plates and service platers there in order for you to be able to get out and around to the dinning room only once. Everything being available to you to place set your table and serve.

    Looking forward to your next article and great use of the space!

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