Where to Buy Throw Blankets

Is there anything better than cool crisp mornings with your coffee and warm cozy throw blankets? Nope. There isn’t. And even when you aren’t cuddling up in cozy throw blankets, they make great decorative accessories for your space so I’m always stocking up on all the pretty blankets. And when I’m not buying them – I’m lusting over them.Where to Buy Throw BlanketsEach these are seriously snuggle worthy!

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My current fav is this pom pom blanket [similar here] . Pom pom, cable knit, anything with tassels has my vote for super cozy in the throw blanket department!

Which is your favorite?

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Where To Buy Cozy Throw Blankets

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    1. me too! My other fav is the pom pom throw from Walmart! Way to step up your game, Walmart! Thanks for visiting me Marty 🙂

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