Fabric Covered Picture Frame

Happy Friday! I wanted to pop in really fast and share with you a quick las minute craft that you can whip up for mom (or grandma) for mother’s day! I made this fabric covered picture frame for my own mom.

Fabric Covered Picture Frame

I wanted to give her something cute that she can put on her desk and school. She loves to show off her grand baby so I thought it would be fun to gift a frame with P’s hand print in it and she can switch it out for the latest pictures as time goes on.

fabric cover picture frame

To make your own you’ll need a wood frame, I got mine from Michael’s for $1. You’ll also need fabric scraps cut into stripes approximately 1 inch in width, modge podge, and an exacto knife.

making home base Fabric Covered Picture Frame Give the frame a nice slather of modge podge then start laying the stripes side by side across the entire frame.

fabric covered picture frame making home base

After the frame is covered with stripes of fabric give it a nice healthy coat of modge podge over top.

Forgive me for not including a photo of the next step but after the modge podge has dried, take an exacto knife (or ehm a box cutter if that’s what you have on hand…just sayin) and cut the excess fabric off around the frame.

makinghomebase fabric covered picture frame

All that’s left is to pop in a sweet photo of cute little palm print and give it to the mom in your life! Have a great weekend, friends and



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  1. Chelsea,
    I love the fabric choices. You’re right, Grandmas do enjoy a grandbaby pic on their desks- or anywhere, realLY!
    Happy Mothers Day,

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  3. Great idea!!

    I picked your idea in my post “Diy Scrap”.

    I hope visit my blog.



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