Fall Table Decor with Walmart

This time of year seems to be when time just starts zooming by. Halloween will come and go this weekend and then it will be time for Thanksgiving. I decorated my dining table last week with some pretty fall table decor I found at Walmart and I think it makes for the perfect fall table decor going into Thanksgiving season. There are only a few times a year that I truly decorate my dining table. Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are those times. This year for fall, I created a fall tablescape that is simple and elegant.

Simple Fall Decor

The place settings are my favorite thing about this fall table decor and everything here is from Walmart Home. I got a set of ceramic dishware that I mentioned in my fall finds posts. Then, I layered it with this fun dotted salad plate. The gold flatware has a matte finish that is so elegant.

I also found really cute windowpane napkins with a fringed edge that I thought would be perfect for this fall place setting. I layered the napkin between the plates to break it up a little bit.

Here’s an overhead view of the place setting to give you a better look. I mentioned these placemats in my Walmart Home fall finds post as well and I love the details in them. I love the look of all the elements here. The matte flatware with the different pattern plates and napkins. It’s a fun and elegant take on fall in my opinion. I also love that I was able to find all of these items at Walmart.

For a centerpiece, I kept it simple since this is not a large table. I wanted the centerpiece to be low enough to allow for discussion while being able to see the faces of those around the table. I chose to add some eucalyptus stems and on top, a few mini Cinderella pumpkins piled up. It says fall but it’s not over the top and it’s not full of the traditional fall colors that I don’t typically like (you know the traditional oranges and browns).

I did want to add some height to the table decor so I added these gold lanterns that I found at Walmart. Inside, I used flameless candles in white. The candles come in a set of three, I used two candles per lantern but you can definitely fit all three in there if you wanted to. I think you can easily swap out the candles for fairy lights as well if you prefer. That would be darling too.

The battery-operated candles give a really pretty glow to the table which makes it even more elegant looking. I love how intimate and pretty this table decor looks. Perfect for our family, this upcoming holiday. It would be just as great replicated on a larger scale for a larger gathering. The elements are affordable and stylish so you can put together a gorgeous fall table without overspending on decor.

You can find all of Walmart Home’s cozy holiday decor on their website now so you can start planning your own fall or holiday table decor.

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