Fun Fall Books to Read Aloud

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I’ve been reading aloud since Peighton was a baby and it’s a fun activity that we’ve continued as the girls have grown. Each season we fill our floating bookshelves with themed books. I began collecting seasonal books when Peighton was tiny and since then our collection of holiday and seasonal books has grown so much. We love bringing them out and reading old favorites as well as new ones year after year.

This year, I’ve partnered with Scholastic to share our favorite fall books and how important it is to us to read aloud as a family. I’ve been reading aloud to the girls since Peighton was a baby and we’ve just continued the tradition year after year as the girls have grown up. Last school year we really hit our stride with reading while the girls were homeschooled. I read to them at least twice a day and we really enjoyed the routine of having a snack while I read aloud. I loved the days when they would be finished with their snack but beg me to read more. I’m (almost) always happy to keep reading! Now that they’re back in school it’s a bit trickier to have those moments but we’re still making it a priority because it’s that important to our family. Not only do my kids love reading together as a family but I love this time together as well.

How we read aloud now that the girls are back in school:

Typically we have two periods throughout the day where we spend time reading together: after school and at bedtime. When the girls were home we centered our afternoon read-aloud time around snack time. We’re doing the same thing! After school, I always fix the girls a snack and they wind down from their day while I read a picture book of their choosing. These books are usually geared towards Millie (Kindergarten) but Peighton enjoys them as well. They usually take just about 10 minutes or less to read. Millie’s class suggested reading is 10 minutes per day and that fulfills her reading. I love this time because it gives us an opportunity to connect. Often times the content of the books or a character trait will bring up a conversation that we may not otherwise have.

In the evenings, before bed, Peighton and I take turns reading aloud. It’s really fun that reading has come full circle. It’s not just me reading to her, now we can read to each other! We usually read our ongoing chapter book for 20 minutes and then either Peighton, Matt, or I will read another picture book that Millie picks out. The chapter books are usually ones that Peighton selects and we enjoy the excitement of reading a longer book over time together. We recently started Grimm’s Fairy Tale and who doesn’t love a little magic? Peighton and I take turns reading. She’ll read a page, then I’ll read a page. During our chapter book read-aloud Millie usually listens on if she’s interested in the book or she’ll grab another picture book and have Matt read her a story. We end the evening with one last book – Millie loves being in charge of book selection and so far every day this week, we’ve closed our day out with Pumpkin Magic.

Our Favorite Scholastic Books for Fall can be found on the Scholastic online shop:

Pumpkin Magic
Let It Fall
The Littlest Mummy
Calling All Witches
The Biggest Pumpkin Surprise Ever
Grimm’s Fairy Tales
Porcupine Pumpkin Time

There are so many great books on our bookshelf this season. Millie has really been enjoying the flap book The Biggest Pumpkin Surprise Ever. As a family, it seems we cannot resist a good flap book and this one is no exception. Finding pumpkins makes for some good afternoon fun and I love seeing my kids have fun with books.

There are some wonderful titles available through Scholastic for reading aloud at home. You can use code CHELSEAC for 10% off your order at the Scholastic Store Online.

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  1. I hope you don’t expect to get your book order before the holidays!! I’ve been waiting for over 2 months to receive my book order from Scholastic! I haven’t even been contacted about it being delayed. Extremely disappointed!