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When Walmart invited me to partner with them on a campaign for Gap Home Kids, I was thrilled because it’s exactly what I needed to finish up Millie’s space before our big move to Japan. Gap is known for its timeless American style and it’s now available in Home exclusively at Walmart. I’ve found that shopping for bedding for my girls can be tricky. You want something that is stylish and age-appropriate. You also want something that’s budget-friendly but will last through many washes (and moves). In this post, we will take a look at some really great options from Gap Home exclusively at Walmart and discuss what we love about them!

girls room bedding ideas with gap at walmart

With each move we tackle as a family it’s pretty typical for us to discuss what our home is going to look like “in the next place.” After we discovered we were moving to Japan, both girls asked if they could have their own rooms. I was a little heartbroken at the idea of them no longer having a shared room but I also understand the desire for them to have their own space. A couple of months ago we began the transition of the girls having their own rooms which meant dismantling the bunk beds and getting the girls situated with their belongings in their new spaces. We decided to do this a little ahead of our Japan move simply because we didn’t know what kind of furnishings would be available to us once we arrived. We knew we’d be able to have a larger variety to choose from stateside so it made sense to get it out of the way on this end.

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girls room bedding ideas

When it came time to select bedding for Millie’s room, she and I sat down at the computer and scrolled through the new Gap Home Kids line. She immediately found several options that she really liked. My philosophy for decorating kids’ spaces is to give them as much say as possible while still making the room look tasteful and stylish. She expressed a desire to have a “colorful” room and that was really doable with the selection available in the Gap Home Kids line at Walmart.

girls room bedding ideas

We started with the outer space sheet set as Millie immediately gravitated toward those. I love the ombre colors. When choosing bedding, I always do a comforter or duvet and a quilt or blanket of some kind. Millie likes to have a light blanket and I love the cozy look of a duvet or comforter. I found this lovely washed denim comforter set in a lavender/pink color and paired it with a reversible tie dye quilt that Millie picked out.

gap home kids at walmart bedding ideas

Gap Home Kids at Walmart has such a great variety of stylish bedding and decor items as well as bathroom decor items that are parent and kid approved.

I’m so glad we took the time to shop for Millie’s room before our move and I know she will be thrilled with her new space when we arrive in Japan!

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  1. you are such a fun and inspiring family to follow. i recently moved with my family literally “3 miles down the street” to another home and it has been a definite challenge to adjust. As I sit feeling uninspired or having a pity party, I think of you and your career moves through the military! That sets my mind in a positive tone knowing SO MANY more families truly have bigger challenges in housing! safe travels and a fun transition FAR AWAY! great experience!