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I’ve been obsessed with bunk rooms and built in bunk bed ideas for a long, long time. I think it started when I was around 10 years old and my family rented a cabin in Lake Tahoe. I was assigned a built-in bunk bed and it felt like my own little nook away from everyone else. It wasn’t super private but there’s just something about a little cubby space when you’re a kid that makes you feel safe and happy. Since then I’ve chased that same feeling by imagining how I could one day incorporate that type of bunk bed into my home. As a serial renter that day hasn’t yet come but maybe one day! I figured this blog is a great place to save some ideas for what I think are really spectacular built-in bunk bed ideas as well as ideas for full bunk rooms. If you have space in your home and are considering a bunk room or if you are plotting out plans for a vacation home you might find some built in bunk bed ideas to inspire you here! 

One thing I learned about bunk rooms is that well-designed bunk rooms are intentional with space. If have a tiny little nook, make it a bunk bed. If you have a long and narrow space then set up four bunk beds along one wall. If you have a corner to spare then maybe an L-shaped bunk bed setup is best. Being intentional about space makes any room more efficient.

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20 Built In Bunk Beds Ideas That Will Have You Swooning

Bunk rooms are the perfect way to maximize space in a home. Typically a bunk room is a sleeping area that has 2 or more beds. Whether you’re planning out a vacation rental or designing your own dream home, here are 20 inspiring built-in bunk beds that will make you swoon:

Compact Coastal Bunkbeds 

Coastal beach house built in bunk bed ideas
via Laura U Design Collective photo by Julie Soefer

Starting off strong with this cozy setup that has coastal written all over it. It’s perfect for a beach house or a lakeside vacation home. This built-in bunk bed is fantastic for a small space. The bottom bunk is the full width of the room with built-in drawers which maximizes the compact space.

Cozy Built in Bunks for Kids

Kids built in bunk bed
via Space Architects and Planners

This built-in bunkbed setup is flawlessly designed into the architecture of the room. I love the contrast between the white walls and the wood flooring. I also really appreciate that the bunkbed along the wall with a window makes it feel more open. All of the details are ideal for a kids’ space including the vaulted ceiling just above the top bunk. The bookshelves and drawers provide additional storage.

Cozy Built In Bunk Bed Ideas

coastal home with built in bunk bed room
via Geoff Chick photo by Emerald Coast Real Estate Photography

This bunk room setup is ideal for a vacation home! Four beds, two on either side of a small room, create a fantastic sleeping arrangement for a beach house. I love how these bunks have privacy curtains and individual televisions. One downside to bunkrooms can be storage space. With several guests, there may not be enough space for storing clothes but this bunk bed setup has built-in drawers on the bottom bunk.

Classic yet Modern Built in Bunk Beds

This fun and modern twist on a room with bunkbeds is really nice. The bright colors of the bedding make it eye-catching but you can also bring some subtly to it if bright colors aren’t your thing. I love the stairs in the middle of the bunk wall. It’s a nice alternative to a ladder and makes it a little more friendly to grown-ups.

Twin and Full Bunk Bed Wall

Kids room with double bunk beds
via EMI Interior Design photo by David Young-Wolff

Perfect for a shared kids’ bedroom this room has a bunk wall with larger beds on the bottom and twin beds on top. I think this is great for a vacation home where all the children will be bunked together. You can fit a pair on the bottom and a single kiddo on the top of each bunk bed. Having the bunk beds built in along one wall gives the room adequate space for playing without feeling too cramped. Again, the stairs in between the beds make it friendly for not just kids but adults too. Whether you have a vacation home or need a space for several children to share this is a lovely option. 

Paneled Bunk Bed Wall

paneled wall with built in bunk beds
via Rice Paddies Interiors

Of all the bunk room ideas I love the ones that are thoughtfully designed in a way that the bed seamlessly fits into the design of the room. This is one of those examples. Maybe bunk beds aren’t the chicest bed options out there but this room certainly feels custom. Carrying the same wood from the bunk bed to the walls throughout the room is a beautiful touch that makes the room feel intentional and luxurious. Additionally, at first glance, you don’t even notice that you have four beds here. Beautiful!

Blue Bunk Bed Wall With All the Trimwork

gorgeous built in bunk bed ideas with lots of trim work painted a calming blue paint color
via Resort Custom photo by Rachael Boling

As we’ve already seen, you can really step up bunk beds by customizing them with color or woodwork. This one combines the two with lots of trim work that’s painted a beautiful shade of blue. This is a rather large room so having a bulkier built in bunk bed works here. Oftentimes bunk beds, especially the bottom bunk, can feel very closed off. I appreciate the windows built into the bunk so it feels more open.

Multilevel Bunk Room

Okay, this is honestly what my 10-year-old dreams are made of. It feels a little bit like it’s out of Neverland. The multilayers, the ladders, the metal railings, all of it is so striking. This bunk room idea is more than just a place to sleep, it’s a vision. This is a fantastic design idea for an attic or a basement with high ceilings. If you have a lot of square footage, you can do something similarly fun and thoughtful.

Playroom With Built In Bunk Beds

playroom bunkroom combo
via Remedy Design Firm

Even if you don’t have a gaggle of kids of your own, it’s a great idea to include a bunk space if you ever have guests. This playroom/bunk room combo is a wonderful way to use up extra space in your home by adding additional guest space without the need for an actual guest room. Guests can feel very comfortable here, whether grown or little. 

Contemporary Kids Bunk Room

contemporary kids room with built in bunk beds
Studio Com

The takeaway from this contemporary kids’ bunk room is that bunk rooms can be minimal too. All the extra woodwork is nice but not at all necessary to create a beautiful and functional space that sleeps several! This kids’ space is a perfect example of less is more. A wood platform with built-in drawers provides the perfect base for two beds with an additional built-in bunk overhead. This is the perfect shared bedroom or even a great space for one kid who likes to have friends over! If you adore this bedroom idea but are on a budget, check out this post where I spill the beans on where to get cheap lumber for this project or any other DIY home project.

Cozy Little Bunk Nook

There is something so charming about this little space. When you don’t have a lot of space, sometimes a floating bunk bed is all you need. I love this inviting little nook that is the perfect sleeping area for kids. This would be so great tucked away in a small cabin or beach house for additional sleeping space.

L-Shaped Bunk Room

built in bunk room design ideas
via Dana Webber

This next level bunk room is crisp and clean with its lines and accents. I think modern beach house when I see it. This space is smaller so lining the bunks on opposite walls creating this L-shape is a great way to pack in the maximum number of beds without making the room feel overwhelmingly full. I especially like that each bunk has its own little nook for housing little things like your phone or your books. It sort of has a luxury dorm room vibe which is perfect for teens.

The Mother of All Bunk Rooms

beautiful and custom built in bunk bed ideas
via City Homes LLC

Listen, you say bunk room, and you get a bunk room! Perhaps not necessary for the average home but totally luxury in a vacation home, this bunk room has six beds! Just imagine a family vacation with all the cousins piled in one room like this. It feels like it could be an unforgettable experience. 

Floating Bunk Beds

floating built in bunk bed ideas
via Creative Arch Co photo by Jim Janse

There’s something about floating bunk beds that just feels like it’s from the future. This modern kid’s room with built in bunk beds that are floating is just beautiful as it is fun. What I love about this space is that the ceilings are high so you don’t feel like you are trapped when you are on the top bunk. Even the bottom bunk has a decent amount of head space! Also, I love the contrast of the natural wood and the white walls.

Ultimate Teen Bunk Room

Stunning built in bunk bed bunk room ideas
via Charles Street Design

I think this has to be the ultimate teen hangout/sleepover situation. Imagine if you were in college and your dorm looked like this. I’d never make it to class because this would be my favorite spot in the world. Again, I envision a family vacation with all of the grown-up cousins chillin’ in here. It’s such a great space to not just sleep but just relax and hang.

Built in Bunk Bed for High Ceilings

Not necessarily a bunk room idea but this is a great bunk bed if you have high ceilings. A lot of times regular bunk beds look way too small in rooms with high ceilings. This one uses the entire height of the room giving the bottom and top bunk plenty of headroom which I think is appreciated by both bunk dwellers. The color contrast is beautiful, of course, as is the trim work.

Charming Cabin Bunk Room

cozy cabin built in bunk room
via TMS Architects photo by Rob Karosis

If you have a charming cabin with a small space that you want to add some bunks this is great bunk room inspiration. The green and white color combo with the shiplap has a modern country feel. I love the addition of drawers on the bottom bunk, a must-have in such a small space!

Rustic Cabin Bunk Room

mountain house bunk room
via Welling Construction photo by Tom Zikas

This space reminds me so much of the Tahoe cabin I mentioned at the beginning of this post. I imagine this space in a vacation home in the mountains. It’s just the epitome of rustic luxury. Is that a thing or did I make it up? Oh well, that’s the vibe I’m getting. I feel like this space isn’t exactly a room as much as it is just a large space with bunk beds. That’s the great thing about a bunkroom you can create extra sleep space anywhere you have some extra space!

Lake House Bunk Room

lake house built in bunk room with stairs
via Bayberry Cottage

Does this bunk room not remind you of summer camp? Maybe a fancy one but still… the blue walls are the color of the lake and make the perfect contrast to the white beds and white and red bedding. I love the mini staircase that goes through the bunks. It’s much more kid and grown-up friendly than the traditional bunk bed ladder. This staircase is especially handy because each step is a little storage cubby. I think these are all brilliant built in bunk bed ideas.

Triple Decker Bunk Bed

triple built in bunk beds
via Mombo Interiors

Here’s another built-in bunk bed that is tucked away in the corner of a living space. I love this kind of bunk bed because you don’t need a dedicated room to make a sleeping area. The way it’s built into the wall with the wooden accents it brings a lot of character to the room. Instead of being a random bunk bed in a living space, it’s been thoughtfully designed into the space. I am in love with the coastal style of this home especially the blue coastal bedding.

Wrapping Up Built In Bunk Bed Ideas

For additional bedroom inspiration check out this post on low ceiling loft bed ideas.

As you can see here, there is no shortage of bunk room ideas. Whether you opt for a traditional setup, built-in bunk beds, or unique floating beds, the possibilities are endless when it comes to finding the perfect sleeping quarters for your large family or vacation home. All of these bunk room ideas make it easy to create an unforgettable experience and maximize space in any size home!

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