Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

Thoughtful gift ideas for everyone on your list.

Instead of doing multiple posts for gift guides, this year I’m making one jumbo blog post that holds all the gift guides. I think this will be easier for you to have something to come back to when you need to reference. These gift guides are a collection of items that will excite everyone on your list. Most things are on my personal wishlist which really makes making these guides so fun!

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I’m adding more guides to this post every day so be sure to check back frequently for more content!

Pom Pom Beanie | Mixer | Planner | Belt Bag | Mini Hoop Earrings | Bauble Sweater | Cozy Waffle Pullover | Waffle Wide Leg Pants | Headband | Mask Pouch | Tassel Earrings | Watch Band | Candle | AirPods | AirPods Case | Cozy Socks | Blanket

Pom Pom Beanie | One thing I tend to never buy for myself is cute accessories like this so I put them on my Christmas list instead. I love the fuzzy pom pom on this beanie. While it doesn’t get super cold where I live, it gets cold enough several days a year to need a hat.
Mixer | I don’t think my mixer has gotten as much use in its entire life as it has during these last few months of Coronavirus. I’ve been baking a ton. I love the color of this one, so pretty.
Planner | I am the worst at planners. I typically just write down a daily to-do list in a notebook each day. I feel like this planner is essentially a more organized version of what I already do.
Belt Bag | I’ve been wanting this bag for forever now. It has almost 1500 5 star reviews. I love that you can wear it fanny pack style or across your chest. I really prefer to be hands-free when out and about and this is the perfect little bag for that.
Mini Hoop Earrings | I love a statement earring and usually ask for at least one pair each year for Christmas. This year, I’m asking for these understated mini hoops. I think they’ll be great for everyday wear.
Bauble Sweater | I’ve basically only been wearing athleisure for the last eight months. I don’t know if I’m ready for real clothes again but this might ease me in.
Cozy Waffle Pullover and Pants | Again, cozy clothing has been my jam and this outfit is the ultimate cozy quarantine uniform. Santa, please bring me this.
Headband | When you’ve only been wearing cozy clothes it’s nice to dress yourself up with a headband. I feel a little Blair Waldorf wearing it and I’m here for it.
Mask Pouch | This would be a great, useful gift for pretty much anyone. Stock up on a few and hand them out to friends. Instead of having your mask jammed at the bottom of your bag, you can place it nicely in this mask pouch.
Tassel Earrings | if the hoops are my everyday earrings then these tassels are my going out earrings! I have several pairs of tassel earrings and I get complimented on them every single time I wear them. They are lightweight and so fun to wear.
Watch Band | I got an apple watch for my birthday and have been dying to get a nicer band for it and I think this one is gorgeous.
Candle | Both my mom and I love receiving candles for special occasions. I love this brand of candles and I especially love the knobby jar it comes in.
AirPods and AirPods Case | When I got my apple watch I purchased some AirPods to go with it for the sole purpose of being able to run without my phone. I quickly learned that I needed AirPods for so much more. I walk around my house listening to podcasts or books on Audible while doing random tasks. They are so useful.
Cozy Socks | Matt and the girls always get me a couple of pairs of fuzzy socks for Christmas and I love them for it. They’re what I wear around the house in the evenings because I hate cold feet. These are chenille and look so soft!
Blanket | We are 100% blanket people. I cannot watch tv without snuggling up under a blanket. We have a couple of favorites in our house and I have a feeling that this cozy furry one would make the list.

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Wireless Headphones | Both girls have tablets that they enjoy playing on and we often take them on long car rides. Having headphones means we don’t have to listen to multiple shows playing in the car at the same time while the grown-ups are trying to listen to a podcast. These wireless ones are great because getting the five-year-old to put on her headphones is a bit tricky when she has to fiddle with the cord.
Double-sided Pens | Super cute quality pens for my writing loving girl. They’re great for journaling or drawing too.
Kids Croquet Set | We got a croquet set as a family gift a couple of years ago and we play it all the time. It’s great for Saturday mornings or BBQs.
Gold Heart Locket | So sweet to put a picture of mom and daughter or two best friends.
Annie the Brave Dress | I’d be remiss if I didn’t add our scientist dress on here. Two years later and my girls still love these dresses and I’m so proud we made them!
You Matter | Written by the same author as Gaston, You Matter is a book with beautiful illustrations but an even better message, we all matter.
Walkie Talkies | My girls love playing detective and I’ve caught them pretending to have walkie talkies when they play. I think this will take their game to the next level. It also has a decent radius which will give them a little more flexibility outside if I can reach them on a walkie!
Bookmark | I thought this bookmark from a small Etsy shop was super cute for a stocking stuffer.
Sushi stuffie | I’m obsessed with this brand of stuffies. So many adorable ones like this sushi one and this little avocado.
Bead Kit | We bought a bead kit at the beginning of coronavirus and all three of us girls had fun making bracelets. I think this one with the little disk style beads will be a fun new set to try.
Scrunchies | Great stocking stuffer – the girls love scrunchies to wear on their wrists and hair.
Wooden Mixer | We’re still really into all things play food. I thought this wooden mixer was darling. Definitely getting this for Millie.
Caboodle | I am so happy Caboodles are back. I remember having one as a little girl and loving it then. Millie got one for her birthday along with some makeup and she gets it out every day to organize it or play with it.
Camera | We got P one of these cameras last year for Christmas and it was a huge hit. Millie is always begging for permission to use it so I think this year we’ll get one for Millie.
Knee High Socks | The girls got some of these from my aunt a couple of years ago and they’re still going strong. They’re so soft and stretchy that they fit a range of sizes. They also come in a pack of six for $14. Fun stocking stuffer.
Sequins Slippers | Since we’re still home for the foreseeable future all the cozy things are on the list. These sequins slippers are sherpa lined and look so cozy and fun.
Air Fort | I’ve seen these floating around the internet for a while and I think they look really neat. Millie is obsessed with forts and builds blanket forts multiple times a day. I love that these don’t take up a lot of space when they aren’t being used (unlike the teepee style forts).
Zoey and Sassafras Books | Peighton started reading these earlier this year and she adores them. Zoey is a problem solver and she takes her cat along on all her adventures.


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