Gold Glitter Monogram Ornament

I told you yesterday that I had another monogram ornament to share! And it’s true! I do.

Last weekend, I was window shopping at Pottery Barn and I saw some adorable gold glitter monogram ornaments, that I just knew I could easily replicate. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find them online to show you guys but I have one better! My version!

I thought these ornaments would be the perfect way to label our stockings this year. Since it will be Miss P’s first Christmas, I’m in the process of making a new stockings for each of us. Ah, a mother’s work is never done. While I procrastinate getting those stockings finished, allow me to share my little glitter monogram ornaments.

I made my little ornaments by just cutting out felt letters, painting a coat of Martha Stewart’s glitter glue, and then sprinkling glitter on top of them. Once the glue was dry I tapped off the excess. To finish them up I hot glued a little strand of twine to back.

Here they are!

One for Miss P.

One for hubby.

And one for me!

There is our little monogram family. I can’t wait to finish up our stockings and give them a proper display!

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