Modern Horizontal Fence Ideas

If you’re looking for a modern fence that’s both stylish and functional, a horizontal fence is a great option. Horizontal fences are perfect for creating a privacy fence or simply adding a visual element to your yard or garden. 

Exterior elements, like a fence, siding, paint and windows work together to create the overall look of your home. A fence also offers privacy and protection for kids and pets. The orientation of the fence boards—whether installed vertically or horizontally—is a crucial factor in dictating the overall appearance of the fence. vertical fencing boards have been utilized for many years due to their simplicity and availability. However, fences with horizontal boards and their clean lines are becoming increasingly popular for their contemporary and minimalistic look. Here are some modern horizontal fence ideas to help inspire you as you make your fencing decision.

Horizontal Fence with Thin Slats

Thin slat horizontal fence
Via Pilcher Residential

A horizontal fence with thin slats is a great way to provide privacy without sacrificing style. The look is modern and sleek, with the added benefit of providing an extra layer of security. 

Fence Used to Gain Height

If you have a shorter concrete wall, then adding horizontal wood slats is an easy way to make the fence taller. This is also a great way to add some visual interest and dimension to your yard or garden while also giving the height you desire. 

Matching Horizontal Fence

This horizontal fence idea matches the outdoor shed. I love the various colors that give it that POP.  Matching the horizontal planks to the colors of your outdoor structures is a great way to create an overall cohesive look.

Extra High Horizontal Fence

This extra high horizontal fence is perfect for creating privacy and protection. It’s also a great way to add an interesting feature to your yard or garden. I always love the look of plants or ivy growing on structures such as fences or homes. Horizontal fences are great way to include climbing plants into your decor.

Staggered Horizontal Fence 1

Staggered horizontal fence
Via Home Lekom

This staggered fence is a great way to create an eye-catching look in your yard or garden while still providing privacy. The staggered horizontal slats add a visual interest and dimension to the overall space. The staggered horizontal fence is my favorite style of horizontal fence.

Staggered Horizontal Fence 2

Staggered horizontal slat fence
Via Harwell Design

I the way this fence looks. The homeowner staggered the planks of wood so that the ends do not all meet in the same area. It gives the fence that extra bit of uniqueness and style. The way the wood is staggered also allows the wood grain to truly shine. To add in extra style you could use this staggered technique but use various widths of planks to create an even more eye catching fence.

Horizontal Fence with Brick Posts

This horizontal fence with brick posts is a great way to create visual impact and texture in your outdoor space. The brick posts add an interesting contrast against the natural wood of the fence and also provide extra support, creating a more secure structure. These patio pavers are the perfect porch flooring fro this small backyard.

Louvered Fence

This louvered fence is perfect for providing extra shade and privacy in your outdoor space. The louvered design allows you to still keep an open feel while still providing the security and protection you need. A louvered design also allows for those cool summer breezes to reach you in your backyard.

Metal Horizontal Fence

Metal horizontal fence idea
Via Watson Steel and Iron Works

If you are looking for a horizontal fence idea but want a material that lasts longer than wood. This steel horizontal fence is perfect for you. Metal fences great for creating an industrial look in your outdoor space. The sleek metal of the fence adds a modern touch to any outdoor area and provides extra security for your home or garden.

Open Slat Horizontal Fence

Like the louvered fence. This open slat horizontal fence is a great way to add texture and dimension to your outdoor space. The open slats give you the privacy you need, while also allowing for light and air flow. This style of fence is perfect for creating a modern look in your backyard or garden. I love how this horizontal fence idea blends in seamlessly with the porch ceiling.

Metal and Wood Horizontal Fence

This metal and wood horizontal fence is a great mix of modern and classic styles. The metal adds an modern feel to the space while the wood gives it a more natural look. This style of fence is perfect for creating an eye-catching design in your outdoor space. I love the use of different materials in this fence it just goes to show you that horizontal fence ideas are only limited by your budget and imagination.

Bamboo Horizontal Fence

If you are looking for a more natural and sustainable horizontal fence idea, this bamboo horizontal fence is perfect. The bamboo creates a tropical, exotic feel in your outdoor space while also providing the basic security and privacy you need. Bamboo fences are easy to install and maintain, making them an ideal choice for any outdoor area. Bamboo is a great choice for your front yard or backyard fence. This type of fencing is also great if you have a dog as your pet will not be able to see through gaps in the fence.

Black Horizontal Wood Fence

This black horizontal fence is a great way to create an elegant and modern look in your outdoor space. The black provides a strong contrast with the natural environment. This is a great option for any homeowner looking for something unique and eye-catching. 

Blue Horizontal Wood Fence

This blue horizontal fence is perfect for creating a vibrant and stylish look in your outdoor space. The color makes a bold statement to anyone who visits your home or garden. This style and color of fence is great for those looking to give their outdoor area that beach house feel.

Sloped Yard Fence

This sloped yard horizontal fence is a great way to create an interesting look in your outdoor space. This style of fence allows for the natural slope of your yard or garden to be highlighted while still providing the privacy require of a garden fence. I love the way the homeowner used different widths of boards to give this fence a unique look. If you are looking for other sloped backyard ideas be sure to click over to my recent post on Sloped Backyard Ideas.

Low Fence

This low horizontal fence is perfect for creating a modern and minimalist look in your outdoor space. The low height of this patio fence allows you to still keep an open feel in your fenced yard patio while also allowing you to enjoy the scenery beyond the property line.

With all the wooden fence ideas your wood stain selection is an important decision click over to My Favorite Wood Stains post to find a wood stain that fits your preferred style.

If privacy is a concern you have when it comes to your homes fencing take a peek at my post on Privacy Fence Ideas where I share tips and tricks to turn any fence into a privacy fence.

In closing, horizontal fence ideas are a great way to add style and security to your outdoor space. Whether you are looking for something modern or natural, there is a horizontal fence that will fit the bill. Be sure to take into consideration the material of the fence and how it will work with your space before making a decision. Whether you choose to DIY your fence or leave it to the professionals for the installation there are horizontal fence ideas out there for you. Hopefully this post inspired your design ideas.

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