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Hey friends! Today I’m sharing the last edition of Life Lately which is basically some random musing of our life lately 🙂


How cute are these little hands? I randomly bought a $3 pack of colorful ornaments to make a garland for P’s room but this quickly became a favorite activity. Peighton was sorting the colors and Millie mostly tossed them around and then chased after them. It was the perfect distraction last week while I was photographing for my Christmas home tours. 🙂 Nevermind that these ornaments are literally all over the house, now.

Anyone else have little ones with style all their own? I snapped this picture of P recently because she cracks me up. She’s been putting her shirts on backward nearly every day. When I acknowledge that her shirt is on backward, she shrugs so nonchalantly and says, “yeah, that’s Peighton style.” Okay, little girlfriend. I’m on board with that. Do you. And can we just talk about that hair? #goals

Millie has a style all her own too. At 14 months she is seriously coming out of her shell. Her latest obsession is shoes and socks. She has been loving shoes for awhile and anytime we get ready to go somewhere, she rushes to the door and sits patiently waiting for you to put her shoes on. It’s so cute. Recently, she’s added socks to the mix. She brings me socks constantly, sometimes multiple pairs and wants to wear them all at once. It’s hilarious.

And that baby – it’s her BFF. Well all baby dolls, really. Her love for babies is the cutest thing in the world. She carries her babies everywhere and hugs them and just loves them. When we were thinking about what to get her for Christmas, I mean there was really one thing on the list, more babies!


Remember last week when I showed you my bedroom decked out for Christmas? I’m still obsessed. How pretty are those twinkling lights at night? LOVE!

Have a great week, friends! xo

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  1. Chelsea! You should totally frame that picture of their baby hands and pull it out to display every year during the holidays. It’s seriously so precious! Millie’s little fingers are adorable!