Master Bedroom Progress and Plans

I’ve been working on our master bedroom for what feels like forever now.

A year ago I mentioned it in my home goals and I ended up going in a total different direction than what I had originally imagined. I’ve never felt really comfortable sharing my bedroom “in progress” because honestly there wasn’t much to show. Now that we’ve gotten a bit of progress going, I’m going to share a little today!

Master Bedroom Decor

I always thought that I wanted lots of bright colors in my master bedroom. I was headed down that route with the mint nightstand but it never felt right so I started backing off and going for more neutrals. I decided on this white quilt from IKEA which I love. It’s really comfy and I can brighten the bedding up seasonally with a throw!

Sunburst Mirror Bedroom Decor

Finding the perfect piece to hang above the bed was a huge challenge. I searched high and low for something perfect and I was just about to DIY something when I found this beautiful Kenroy Home Reyes decorative mirror from National Builder Supply. They have a ton of awesome products for the home! I love their large collection of home decor items. They have many more beautiful mirrors and I love their selection of lighting. Don’t forget, renters, lighting is a great way to change things up in your rental! Not only do they offer great home decor items, they have much more from kitchen sinks to shower faucets and much more!

Mirror and Master Bedroom Decor

I’m pretty obsessed with my mirror and I think it looks fantastic over our bed. It’s just the right size and I love that it’s a little bit glitzy while the rest of the space is more neutral.

blue dresser

And for a pop of color, you’ll remember my blue dresser from when I showed you the monogram photo clipboard.

I love this blue so I want to find some accessories that can tie together the blue and neutrals. I picked out a few fabrics that I’m loving here:

fabric picks

I have one I’m leaning towards and of course it’s not the same one my husband is leaning towards. Ha.

Going forward here’s what we have planned: 

Pick a fabric lead for pillows and possibly curtains

Hang a small gallery wall on the blank wall

Find the perfect rug

Get a bed skirt!

Hang oversized family photo

So be sure to check back soon because I’ll be sharing all of these projects here on the blog! Oh, and do you have a favorite of those fabric choices? Please leave me a note and tell me which you are leaning towards!

National Builder Supply provided me with the Kenroy Home Reyes mirror but my love for it is totally true and all my opinions are my own.

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  1. It’s looking awesome Chelsea! I love the mirror and the plaid pillows are super cute.

  2. The fabrics are beautiful. I’m planning on redoing my room in the near future but I’m on the lookout for bedding to start with. I’m looking for two that I love…. then I’ll let hubby pick between the two so he can’t say he didn’t have a choice!

  3. I love those fabric choices Chelsea!! So pretty- the navy and gold is stunning:) Fabulous mirror too!

  4. Your room looks so fresh and pretty! So many things to love but I think my favorite is the mirror… I’m a sucker for a cool sunburst mirror. 🙂 I can’t wait to see what fabric you choose (and how it looks in the room). I’m off to explore your cute blog….

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  6. Your room is beautiful! What color is the blue on your dresser? I love it! It doesn’t seem to be the same blue as your tv stand.

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