Oh Baby!

You may have noticed on social media that pictures got WAY cuter in the last week or so. You know, cute as in squishy, adorable, newborn baby cute. Thank you all so much for the sweet comments on Facebook and Instagram. We really are completely in love.


Our little girl Millie Alice was born on October 8th at exactly 10 am.


P is completely in love and is taking her role as big sister very seriously. She loves helping and consoling Millie any time she’s crying. Two girls makes my heart burst.

Oh, and I have more exciting news to share but not just yet! Happy Monday friends!


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  1. Millie is perfection, and I love the picture of P holding her! I’m sure she is a great big sis! Congratulations, Chelsea!!! xo

  2. Oh! I love her name! And she is just precious!
    I love that P is taking her role as big sister so seriously; I’m sure she’ll be a big help :-).
    There are not enough of us Millies in the world.
    I’m actually Mildred Alice – the fifth Alice in a row in my family.
    I found your blog through the Favorite Things giveaway. It looks really great!
    I can’t wait to go through it when I have a little more time.