Pretty Painted Stairs Ideas

Painted Stair Ideas to Step Up Your Home’s Style

Of all the places in your home to decorate I am certain that your stairs are not the first place you think about decorating. However your stairs are a natural focal point and obviously a huge feature of any home, so why not decorate them to get them to look their best?  Painted stairs are a great way to add charm, color, and personality to your home.  Here are some painted stair ideas to help step up your home’s style.

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Finding the perfect paint color for your stairs can be a daunting task. Both artificial and natural lighting play a huge role in how paint colors will look on your stairs and typically staircases lack natural light so good lighting can be tricky. You’ll want to decide if you want a bold color that really pops or if you want a more neutral color like a white, cream, or gray paint color. Either way, this post will help you decide on the best paint color for your stairs!

Painted Stairs Ideas

Here are some of my all-time favorite painted staircase ideas. Some are easy to DIY others are not but either way, they are all relatively cheap and are all a great way to enhance your home’s staircase.

Gray Painted Stairs

To start let’s talk about this dark gray painted stair riser. I love love love this paint color for stairs. It’s dark enough to hide dirt and grime but light enough to not make the space feel cramped and dark. A similar paint color I have reviewed is Benjamin Moore’s Kendall Charcoal. This is a great color choice and looks amazing when paired with the natural wood tones in the rest of the design.

Gray Stained Treads with White Risers

This is a really unique way to update your staircase. Instead of paint, this designer used gray stain on the stair treads. The light gray stain is beautifully paired with a lovely white paint color on the risers and a gray paint color on the banister. This is a truly wonderful design and really opens up the space and makes it a focal point in this home.

Green Painted Risers

Now this is something different. Why not go bold with your painted stairs? This green paint color is a fun and funky way to incorporate color into your homes design.  If you were to say to me “Hey I am goign to paint my stairs green” I would have thought you were insane. This design proves me wrong though. The green looks beautiful next to the light wood banister and dark wood flooring


I can’t even handle how stunning this black staircase is. This takes bold and beautiful to a whole new level. The deep black color on both the treads and risers creates a dramatic contrast against the white walls and bright natural light coming in from the windows. While this painted stairs idea might not be for everyone (or every space) but for this home its spot on.


Another bold choice but oh-so beautiful. This blue painted stairs idea is a great way to add color and character to your home. The key here is to use a lighter shade of blue, almost like a pastel hue, to create a calming and inviting atmosphere. When paired with crisp white walls and natural wood accents, this design creates a perfect balance of color and texture in your home. A paint color I love and think would look absolutely gorgeous on a set of stairs is Sherwin Williams Naval, it s a deep blue so it would likely have to be used on a staircase with loads of lighting available.

Blue and Gray Painted Stairs

This is another beautiful and stunning staircase design.  The two different shades of blue  and gray painted risers create a fun and elegant feel, while the white banister and white stair treads add a touch of freshness to the space. This design is perfect for those who want to add a subtle pop of color without going too bold or overwhelming in their staircase design.

All White

This is another design that I truly adore. A painted staircase doesn’t always have to be a bold statement. Sometimes, just keeping it simple with an all-white painted staircase can make a huge impact on your home’s style. The clean and crisp look of this design is perfect for those who want to maintain a classic and timeless aesthetic in their home. This designer paired the white painted stairs with a stunning wallpaper design and nailed it perfectly.

White Stairs with Painted Blue Stripe

Here we have another one of the more unique painted stairwell designs. The addition of the blue stripe really elevates this otherwise all white painted staircase. You knew I was always going to love this design as it screams nautical but simply changing the stripe color could make this design coordinate with any style of home decor.

Painted Treads and Trim

You could also choose to paint the treads of your stairs and trim in the same color to coordinate your entire home’s paint design. This is a great (and easy) way to create a seamless overall design throughout your entire home. This is also a beautiful and unique shade of blue to use for your stairway and trim. 

White Stairs with Dark Wood

This is one of those all time classic looks. Not much looks better than dark wood stain and bright wood paint. This is one of those looks that never go out of style and will look good no matter what.  This a great example of what painted stairs can look like when done right. The black on the railing paired with the white paint color makes this staircase look super elegant.

White Stairs with Light Wood

Here we have another variation of the timeless white painted staircase this features light natural wood accents. This design shows how you can still incorporate the beauty of wood into your home’s overall design while also incorporating paint on your stairs. The light wood tone of the stair treads and railing adds warmth to this otherwise cool and crisp space. I love this look and with the picture frame molding

Colorful Painted Stairs

Last but certainly not least, we have a fun and colorful painted staircase design. This is perfect for those who love to be bold and express their personality through their home decor. The use of multiple colors on the stairs creates a playful and unique look that will definitely make a statement in any home. You could go wild with your own color scheme or pick something more subtle like these pastel colors.

Painted Stairs Wrapping Up 

As you can see, painted stairs offer endless possibilities for adding character and style to your home. Whether you choose a bold color or stick with a classic white design, painting your stairs is a simple and budget-friendly way to transform the look of your home. So go ahead, get creative and paint your staircase.

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