Shoji White Sw 7042: A Soft And Cozy White Paint Color

Discover the calming and versatile nature of Shoji White (SW 7042), a delicate paint color that brings a sense of warm and coziness to any space.

All About Sherwin Williams Shoji White

all about sherwin williams shoji white

Let’s talk about Sherwin Williams Shoji White – when we talk about versatile paint colors, you have to put Shoji White in the mix. It’s everything you want out of a neutral paint color, it’s cozy, it’s warm, it’s inviting… most importantly it’s versatile. I love this paint color as an all over paint color. I often get asked what paint colors would work for a whole house, this is one of them. In this post we’ll talk about what makes Shoji White so great, how it works with other paint colors, and you’ll get a chance to see Shoji White in real spaces as well. Let’s dive in! 

What Color is Shoji White

I profile a lot of neutral paint colors but this one is one of my favorite shades. It is in the category of “white and neutrals” but that doesn’t mean it’s boring. A lot of neutrals are slightly cool and can feel flat or cold. Then some are too warm and the walls look too pink or too beige when you were hoping for a soft warm white color. Shoji White is the sweet spot. It brings incredible warmth to the walls conveying a coziness that envelopes you. If you want a paint color that will help make your space feel instantly homey, this one will do it. Sherwin Williams this about Shoji White, “When you want it light but cozy, consider this warm, creamy white that borders on greige.” Shoji White is part of the White Color Family and is in several Color Collections including: Top 50 Colors, Top Interior Colors, Top Exterior Colors, and Finest Whites & Neutrals.

Sherwin Williams Shoji White paint swatch

Shoji White Undertones

Undertones give us a few clues about how the color will look in our space. A white paint color with blue or green undertones may feel quite cool while a white paint color with red undertones may appear a little pink on the walls. Shoji White has warm beige undertones that are subtle giving it a slightly cream color. I hesitate to use the word cream to describe this paint color – I think off-white is a better description. 

LRV of Shoji White

Shoji White has an LRV (light reflectance value) of 74 which, compared to the brightest white (100), is definitely in the off-white category as it has more depth than the pure white paint colors.

What Are Some Coordinating Colors for SW Shoji White

SW Shoji White Coordinating Color palette

Shoji White is versatile and pretty agreeable with many different colors from warm to cool. I put together this little guide of SW colors that all coordinate well with Shoji White.

Sherwin Williams Stardew
Sherwin Williams Silver Strand
Sherwin Williams Worldly Gray
Sherwin Williams Pure White
Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray

Trim Color Options for Shoji White

I always recommend Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace as a trim color because it’s so crisp yet creamy against any paint color. Sherwin Williams Pure White is another great option for trim. Additionally, Shoji White in a semi-gloss finish for a more subtle contrast.

Sherwin Williams Shoji White in Real Spaces

Seeing paint colors in real spaces gives you a good idea of what you expect in your own space. Looking at these photos, you’ll get a chance to see just how versatile Shoji White is. Lighting plays a huge role in the appearance of paint colors. South-facing rooms get harsh light that can wash out light paint colors. North facing light is more warm and subtle. Let’s take a look at the some spaces with Shoji White walls.

Sherwin Williams Shoji White paint color in a chic bedroom
via French Mix Interiors

First up, check out this chic monochrome bedroom with Shoji White walls. The creamy white walls contrast subtly with the bright white ceiling and trim with a more stark contrast with the wood flooring. The abundance of natural light in this space makes Shoji White look a bit lighter but you can see hints of the greige undertones. This is a really classic look. If you want something neutral and sophisticated Shoji White is a nice place to start.

SW Shoji White painted bathroom
via Leanne McKeachie Designs

Another super chic space with Shoji White walls. Bathrooms can be challenging because often times they don’t have adequate natural light so we are are dependent on artificial light and paint colors can look different under artificial lighting. In this space Shoji White looks pretty true to it’s color even though you can see the green and blue that are outside the window. If you have a lot of greenery outside that can make your walls look a little green. Here we see the perfect creamy off-white paint color that we expect from Shoji White. This bathroom is a gorgeous luxurious space with classic accents like the clawfoot tub and marble shower. I think Shoji White is a great choice in here.

Shoji White walls in a traditional style living room
via Keith Wing

Take a look at this stunning rustic yet traditional living room with Shoji White walls. This space really shows Shoji White’s versatility. It can be a classic paint color or something more casual yet refined. Note the abundance of natural light here which softens the color slightly compared the the bathroom above.

SW Shoji White exterior paint color
via LRK

Let’s talk about Shoji White as an exterior paint color because it’s very popular for white exteriors. With the harsh sunlight Shoji White softens considerably and appears more like a soft white hue than an off-white color. We can see that here. It pairs beautifully with black and gray trim because it has enough depth that it isn’t too stark of a contrast.

white house painted Sherwin Williams Shoji White
via Nies Homes

I wanted to show you this example as well because with lighter trim options the creaminess of Shoji White really shines through. If you are thinking about a white paint color for the exterior of your home I think Shoji White should definitely be a contender. I have more suggestions on white exterior paint colors in my post about white houses and black trim.

Alternatives to Shoji White

There are a lot of great alternatives for off-white or beige-ish paint colors that you might be interested in if Shoji White doesn’t feel quite right. I wanted to highlight a few.

Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige

SW 7042 Shoji white compared to SW 7036 Accessible Beige

Accessible Beige is a super popular neutral griege paint color that looks amazing in a lot of different design styles and spaces. It’s also a Sherwin Williams Top 50 paint color and is a popular choice for walls and cabinets. Accessible Beige is a much more saturated paint color than Shoji White with an LRV of 58. Compared to Shoji White’s 74, Accessible Beige will be darker on the walls but will still be a warm and cozy paint color choice.

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee

SW 7042 Shoji White compared to Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee OC-45

Another great alternative to Shoji White is Swiss Coffee. Swiss Coffee is the perfect neutral paint color. It’s a favorite again, because of it’s versatility. It’s slightly lighter than Shoji White with an LRV of 84 but still has those creamy undertones that you want to make a space feel cozy and warm. It’s a nice off-white color choice if Shoji White feels slightly too beige for you.

Sherwin Williams Natural Choice

SW 7042 Shoji White compared to another neutral paint color SW 7011 Natural Choice

Lastly, let’s take a look at Natural Choice by Sherwin Williams. Natural Choice is not quite beige but not quite cream. It’s a blend that’s somewhere in the middle. It’s a beautiful warm neutral that is perfect for walls, ceilings, and trim. It’s warmth conveys an inviting atmosphere. It’s almost identical to Shoji White in terms of value as it’s LRV is 73 compared to Shoji White’s 74.

Final Thoughts on SW Shoji White

Overall, Shoji White is a popular off-white paint color for good reason. It’s warmth and softness makes it a versatile paint color that can work anywhere from walls to cabinets to trim and ceilings. You’ll want to give this paint color a swatch if you are looking for the perfect neutral for your next home project.

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