How to Shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Want to know a fun little fact about me? In my previous life, I worked in the active department at Nordstrom. I got to wear leggings to work 4 days out of the week and it was wonderful (those Zella leggings are what they are cracked up to be). Matt was on his first deployment to Afghanistan, I had quit my “real job” to move home so I worked at Nordstrom for a few months while we figured out where the military was going to take us. During that time I learned of this tiny little sale called the Anniversary Sale and it wasn’t a big deal at all. Just kidding, it’s a huge sale and a very big deal in the world of retail. It also should be a very big deal to you if you are interested in scoring great deals.

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What is the big deal with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?
There’s a buzz every year surrounding this sale and the reason for that is because the items on sale are pre-fall items. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale most popular sale of the year. Typically, when you think of a sale, you expect items to be marked down at the end of a season, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is the reverse. During the sale, a large number of new fall items are marked down as soon as they’re released – they remain on sale for several weeks and then the prices go up at the end of the sale (August 6th). You’ll have the opportunity to purchase new and relevant fall items at generous discounts.

When does the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Start?
Early Access to the sale is for Nordstrom cardholders and begins on July 12th. The sale will be open to the public beginning on July 20th. You may wonder if it’s worth it to become a cardholder just for the sale, and my answer to that would be yes! Gaining early access ensures that the products you want don’t sell out before you’re able to get your hands on them. Lots of popular sale items sell out before public access begins and re-stocks aren’t very frequent. Having a card also allows you to gain points for each dollar you spend, earning you money back to shop with. Plus, you’ll automatically get $40 back to spend at Nordstrom when you make your first purchase. You can apply for a Nordstrom card here, before the 8th to use during Early Access of the sale.

Tip: Use one of your triple points days on your biggest shopping day of the sale in order to earn Nordstrom notes faster!

How do I shop?
First, follow along right here! I’ll be sharing my favorite picks from the sale on the first day of Early Access as well as the first day of Public Access. Remember, the selection online will be much larger than what you’ll find in stores. Check in here to avoid clicking through hundreds of items. I’ll be sharing the best of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale all right here. I will also keep my SHOP tab updated with my favorite selections from the sale. I’ll be sharing my try on sessions here as well as on Instagram Stories for your convenience.

Tip: Make sure you’ve downloaded the App and follow me (@makinghomebase) for an even similar way to get access to sale links.

Take a peek at the Catalog here.

What should you buy?
The sale is a great time to stock up on fall basics like sweaters, denim, scarves etc. It’s also a great time to snag fall trending items like the hot boots for the season. Big ticket items that are classics like handbags, coats, and shoes are also great buys for this sale.

See last year’s coverage of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale here.

Why do so many bloggers share about this sale?
You may notice that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale gets covered across multiple channels by lots of bloggers. It’s a great earning opportunity for bloggers. So, when you shop and purchase items through a link you found from a blogger they’ll receive a small percentage of the sale (at no additional cost to you). Just like when you shop in the store and the associate gets credit for a sale, I would get credit for your purchases if you buy through a link I share. Bloggers work really hard to find the best products from the sale so buying through their link is like giving them a big thank you for helping you find what you’re looking for. It can be very overwhelming, I know! The best way to follow the sale is to focus on a handful of your favorite bloggers. This will hopefully keep you from getting overwhelmed as well as keeping your purchases on things you really want/need!

Now, here’s a question for you!
What are you looking for from the sale? What categories and items are you most interested in? I’m personally looking for some new sneakers, new denim, basics like long sleeve tees and cardigans. I’m also looking for new shoes for my girls and some basic pieces for Matt like tees and trousers. Let me know in the comments what you are looking for!


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