Corner Fireplace Ideas

Ah, the dreaded corner fireplace. Fireplaces are typically the main focal point in your home and when they are situated at an angle it can make it really tricky to design around. If you have a corner fireplace in your home, you’re probably looking for ways to make the most of it. An awkward living room layout with a corner fireplace can be tricky when it comes to decorating and furniture arrangement. But don’t despair – there is plenty of interiors out there with corner fireplaces that are beautiful and inviting! In this post, we’re sharing some corner fireplace ideas that are done well so that you can gather inspiration to get the most out of your living room space. 

Corner Fireplace Design Ideas

The best way to maximize the look of a corner fireplace is to decide the function of your space and find the best positioning for your furniture around a corner fireplace. Some questions to ask yourself.

  • How will this space be used?
  • Do we want a television in here?
  • Will this be a conversational area?

If you need a television in this space you can then figure out if you want that television to be front and center above the fireplace or if you want to position it next to the fireplace on a media console. Additionally, if this is your main gathering space you can start to figure out if you want to position your furniture facing the fireplace or maybe away from it. Or if you have a long living room maybe you separate the space into two zones.

Let’s take a look at some inviting living spaces that have a corner fireplace.

Living Room with a Corner Fireplace and a TV

Corner fireplace ideas with a tv
via Kimberley Kay Interiors

For many of us, our living room is the heart of our home. It’s where we gather for movie nights and chat with guests. Television is essential in many living rooms and this living room with a corner fireplace is an ideal layout. It avoids hanging the tv over the mantel and instead adds to the side of the corner fireplace. The furniture is situated around the media console and the corner fireplace becomes less of the primary focal point in the space and is in more of a supporting role.

living room corner fireplace ideas
via Chango

Let’s take a look at this small living room with a corner fireplace. Small living rooms are always challenging when you are configuring furniture pieces and throwing in a corner fireplace can be even trickier. This space is well done with the fireplace acting, again, in a supporting role instead of the main star. Painting the brick corner fireplace the same color as the wall allows the corner fireplace to blend into the wall. Again, the furniture is situated around the media console as the focal point of the space. This allows for a great conversational setup as well as the ideal setup for tv watching.

Corner Fireplace as a Focal Point

ideas for corner fireplace in a living room
via Neelam Interiors

This transitional living room with a corner fireplace articulates perfectly the example of making a corner fireplace the focal of the room. Your eye is immediately drawn to the fireplace even with the tv floating immediately to the left of it. The sectional sofa situated facing the fireplace along with the placement of an accent chair close to the fireplace for a cozy seating area all plays nicely with the corner fireplace positioning which is a challenging thing to do.

The best corner fireplace ideas
via Natural Flow Interiors

In this serene space, it is very clear that the corner fireplace is the heart of this space. Even the sofa is at a slight angle facing slightly toward the fireplace. The fireplace is such a focal point that it took me several looks before I even realized there was a tv in this room. There are a few things going on in this space that contribute to the coziness of this space. The woven rug, the linen drapes, and the texture of the fireplace are all natural elements that feel very cohesive in this room. Even when creating a space around a fireplace, it’s important to have all of the elements feel connected.

Corner Fireplace with a Built-in Bookcase

coastal corner fireplace ideas
via Kamber Mason Designs

One way to make a corner fireplace fit right into your space is to build a bookcase around it. This is especially ideal if you have a small living space and need additional storage space. It creates a whole focal wall that includes the corner fireplace instead of the fireplace itself being the focus. In the space featured above, all of the furniture including the coffee table is set at an angle to accommodate the angle of the fireplace.

TV Above a Corner Fireplace

neutral and natural corner fireplace with tv above mantel
via Jubilee Interiors

To be honest, a tv over a fireplace isn’t my favorite interior design choice but this space is really well done. Since there are so many windows in this space, there really isn’t anywhere else to put a tv. That kind of design dilemma is one I know resonates with a lot of people because oftentimes it feels like there is only one place to put something critical, like a tv, and you’re forced to work around it. This family room pulls it off beautifully. With the floating sofa, angled rug, and white walls. It all works.

Furniture Facing Away from Corner Fireplace

natural living room with a corner fireplace
via Kimberley Kay Interiors

Let’s see what it looks like to have a room that has furniture facing away from the fireplace. I really like this set up. There is something really balanced about having the fireplace to the right and the indoor plant to the left. There are some nice lines here from the wooden mantel and hearth to the wood window trim and the square arm accent chairs. This is a room design that makes sense and is really pleasing to the eye.

Modern Corner Fireplace Ideas

modern corner fireplace ideas
via Pulp Design Studios

I don’t think corner fireplaces are typical in modern design but perhaps you find yourself with a modern style and are faced with how to work with a corner fireplace. This modern stone fireplace is sleek going up to the ceiling. The black fireplace itself is unexpected. Instead of blending into the wall it contrasts it – really standing out.

Large Scale Corner Fireplace

cabin stone corner fireplace
via Katie Grantz

Sometimes the corner fireplace is so large it cannot be blended into the space, it has to be made the center of it. That’s what is happening here. The stone corner fireplace is large and in charge and it’s the focus of this room but it works. The stone detailing plays nicely with the nature just outside of this space The chairs flanking on either side along with the sofa just across from it makes for a lovely conversational area in this small but mighty space.

Small Scale Corner Fireplace

small corner fireplace ideas
via Arch All Inc

Okay, I like this space. It’s really very interesting to me. The room itself is working hard with a seating area/conversational area and a small dining space. The small corner fireplace here is not at all the focus of the space as it blends right into the wall. In fact, this space doesn’t really have a clear focal point as your eye travel around the room. If you are interested in playing down your corner fireplace, painting it the same color as the wall, dividing the space, and adding furniture are good ways to do it.

Eye-Catching Corner Fireplace

traditional corner fireplace ideas
via Megan Opel Interiors

If you have a beautiful fireplace with exquisite detail like the fireplace surround pictured above with columns and the pretty tile, make it the focal point of your living area. This gorgeous fireplace begs to be enjoyed. I absolutely adore the fireplace mirror on the mantle. You can complement it with furniture choices like black and white accent chairs. This is a small space that is really perfect for entertaining.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, if you have a corner fireplace, do not despair! There are multiple ways to design around it, or even decorate to it, depending on your style. Whether you want the focal point of the room to be the fireplace or not, there are ideas here that will help you make any corner fireplace work in your space. Just find what works for you and go with it! Good luck!

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