Green Bathroom Design Inspiration

Let’s talk about green bathrooms. Not the energy-efficient kind of green but the actual color green! Perhaps not always the first color that comes to mind when you think of a bathroom, yet green is a really versatile choice for a bathroom. It can evoke a range of feelings from tranquil to cheerful depending on the design execution. Whether you’re adding a refreshing burst of green to an all-white bathroom or drenching the space in a calm and soothing sage green, green can take your bathroom to the next level.

Green Bathroom Design Ideas

Green Bathroom Ideas

When you close your eyes and imagine a green bathroom, you may immediately go to a soft, sage green wall color in an otherwise white bathroom. The green bathrooms you’ll see here are all completely different and none of them are like what you might be picturing. Green isn’t just a color on the wall in these spaces, it’s a whole mood.

Different shades of green bring totally different vibes to a bathroom. For example, soft, sage green bathroom can instantly bring a peaceful and calming feel to any space. For those looking for an atmosphere that’s tranquil and serene, there are plenty of shades of green that can be used in wallpaper, paint, or tiles. Soft blues and greens can transform your bathroom into a tranquil retreat. Bright greens will give a bathroom a vibrant and cheerful boost.

How to Incorporate Green Into Your Bathroom

So how does one bring green into a bathroom? Well, there are lots of ways to incorporate green into a bathroom from the walls to the tile on the floor and everywhere in between.

Green Vanities

An easy way to inject a pop of color into your bathroom is to swap out the vanity for something colorful. If you have a plain white vanity, consider switching it out for one with a green finish. This will instantly introduce some color to the room and can be tailored to any style or theme.

This hunter green vanity has a sleek look with its dark color and modern lines. The green vanity is a beautiful pop of color in an otherwise neutral bathroom. The color paired with the modern brass hardware, large bathroom window and doorless shower all make for an upgraded, clean and modern bathroom.

sage green bathroom vanity
via Crisp Architects photo by Rob Karosis

The last bathroom featured a more modern look and this one features a more traditional design. The sage green vanity is a beautiful focal point in this space. Paired with creamy-colored walls and slate tile, the green really pops in this bathroom.

We’re green with envy over this splashy green bathroom. You get a double dose of green with the green vanity and the surprise green ceiling. What I love about this space is that if you start at the top and gaze downward, you have a very relaxing feel and then you are hit with this gorgeous bright green vanity that is so playful and fun. I love this kind of green bathroom for a kid or guest bathroom. Surprisingly fun!

Green Walls

Introducing green walls into your bathroom is an effective way to bring color whether bold or calming. The power of paint is intense so you could paint your entire bathroom or just an accent wall and still transform the space.

sea salt green bathroom with painted flooring
via Mitch Wise Design

If committing to green design elements like tile, wallpaper, or a vanity feels like too much, then paint is a great option for adding a pop of color to your space. These green walls are painted with SW Sea Salt which is a cult favorite that oozes serenity. It’s exceptional in this sanctuary of a bathroom paired with a classic white marble-topped vanity.

Other green paint colors to consider for green bathrooms are: SW Evergreen Fog and SW Pewter Green

Green Wallpaper Ideas for Bathrooms

I will forever be a fan of wallpaper, especially wallpaper that is bold and unexpected. You can create a whole mood in a bathroom with the right wallpaper installation.

A prime example of a moody bathroom with wallpaper as the hero is this gorgeous hunter green powder room with the fun zebra wallpaper and green painted walls to match. The brass fixtures add a touch of elegance while the white trim and baseboards provide the perfect contrast. This space definitely makes the case for dark green bathrooms.

The green bathroom above is on the lighter side. The green grasscloth wallpaper paired with the light wood tones makes this bathroom a tranquil oasis. This organic style reminds me a lot of Japanese interiors with colors and textures that play on nature. Just beautiful.

Green Tiled Accent Wall

Of all the design ideas here, I think the one that has the biggest impact is a green tiled wall. Oh, how I swoon over a tiled wall. Tiling an accent wall in your bathroom isn’t insanely expensive but it does make a big impact. You can create some really beautiful statement designs with tile. Let’s take a peek at some eye-catching tiled walls.

Starting off strong with this bold herringbone patterned green tiled accent wall. This powder bathroom screams elegance with the bold green subway tile in a nontraditional pattern. There is a lot of nice contrast happening here with the wallpaper, tiled green wall, bold black vanity, and marble countertop.

A very calming and serene space, this bathroom is light and airy. The sage green tiles only go halfway up the walls giving a lovely, yet subtle contrast with the white walls. I love the way the gorgeous rich wood vanity and bathroom shelf stands out against the green tile.

Hello modern beauty! I love an unconventional tile installation. Here the narrow subway tiles are installed vertically instead of the traditional horizontal subway tile. That’s a fun and easy change to add visual interest to your space. These kelly green tiles are so pretty and provide the perfect pop of color to an otherwise neutral space.

This emerald green subway tile is a modern twist on the traditional subway tile. I love how green hues coordinate so well with brass bathroom accents.

Green Shower Tile

We love a green tiled wall but accent walls aren’t the only places to use green tiles in the bathroom. You can tile an entire shower in green tile and it makes a gorgeous statement. Check it out.

Every wall doesn’t have to be green in your bathroom to have a gorgeously serene green bathroom. You can, however, surround your shower or tub with green tile to create a stunner like this one above.

A more understated option, this bathroom boasts a softer hue of green. Mint green, blues, and grays all mix together to create this beautiful tiled shower. Paired with black fixtures and a wood vanity it’s a calming and inviting space that’s soothing but not boring.

Green marble tile anyone? This washroom is screaming luxe. The arched entry, the marble subway tile on the inside and outside of the tub and the marble penny tile on the flooring. No space was spared to create this over the top luxurious space.

I love the cheerful green shade of this tiled shower. The best part of this shower for me is the mixture of tiles in here. A wall of green subway tiles, some modern triangles, and the small square tiles on the bottom. Mixing different tiles of the same color and different shapes keeps things visually interesting without being overwhelming.

Green Tiled Bathroom Flooring

patterned green tiled bathroom
via CB Studio photo by Cesar Rubio

This look reminds me of a blanket. It’s just like someone came in and hung up a beautifully patterned blanket on the wall an it’s just draping the ground, except with tile. I love it. The pattern of the green tile is so fun and modern. All the white bathroom elements make it feel really clean but not sterile because that green is just the right pop of color.

green tiled bathroom ceiling to floor green tile
via Mutuus Studio photo by Gabe Border

The dark green bathroom but make it maximalist. This space is covered in green tile from ceiling to floor and if you ever thought floor to ceiling tile in a bathroom would be too much this bathroom is here to show you that it’s not. It’s just right.

Wrapping Up Green Bathrooms

There are a variety of ways to incorporate green into your bathroom from paint to wallpaper to tile to green plants and accents. Today, we looked a 19 gorgeous ways that you can add hints or an abundance of green to your bathroom. We hope that you are inspired to use green in a unique way to bring life and color into your bathroom.

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