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Decorating with Greenery

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In my home I gravitate heavily to a combination of blue and white. It reflects my style which is what I call beachy casual. I love adding elements of greenery throughout my home. It provides so much visual interest and texture. Whether it’s fresh blooms from the grocery store or potted plants, sprinkling in greenery to your decor will give it a layer of texture that makes your space feel more cozy and livable. I love decorating with greenery because it provides a pop of color to my otherwise fairly neutral palette.

Three Tips for Decorating with Greenery

Potted Plants Large or Small

I love potted plants because they are an easy way to add pops of green to spaces. You can plop them anywhere for an instant burst of color. Small potted plants like a snake plant or a succulent can be a great decorative item on side tables or bookshelves. To bring more color into a space, larger potted plants like a bird of paradise, fiddle leaf fig, or olive tree, are fantastic for the lonely walls and corners in your home.

I love placing them in baskets like this gorgeous and large hyacinth basket from The Home Depot. I’ve moved this plant around until I found the perfect spot where it seems to be happy and thriving. I love baskets as an alternative to planter pots especially for indoor plants. This basket is another one that would be perfect for large indoor plants.

Faux Stems

If you are about to click away because you feel as though you have a black thumb, never fear, I’m not opposed to faux greenery stems. In fact, I use them quite often. Placing real looking faux stems in a vase or jar is an easy way to get some greenery. Good stems can be a bit pricey but they will last you forever. Find a list of my favorite fake plants here.

I use these faux fronds in a recycled glass vase near my fireplace for a punch of color in the otherwise neutral space. I love adding faux stems to my other vases  (like this one) on a regular basis.

Clippings and Branches

The only thing easier than popping in faux stems to a vase is popping in fresh greenery clipped from your yard. This includes flowers, fronds, heck whole branches look great in the right vase. A couple weeks ago when we had a big storm and a large branch fell from our lemon tree. Before discarding the limb I trimmed a few of the small branches from it to use in a small vignette on my console table.

You can use any sort of greenery in a beautiful vase, like this one I used, to create a perfect and vibrant vignette. I love the way the greenery just peeks out. I also love fresh flowers clipped from the garden (or purchased from the grocery store). I love this test tube vase to display a gorgeous bouquet.

I’d love to know how you add greenery to your decor to make it feel cozier and more colorful. Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I love, love, love bringing greens inside and the amount of natural light in your house makes me swoon over and over again.

    1. It’s from Lamps Plus. I did a quick search and didn’t find it. Let me dig through my emails and see if I can find the name of it!

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