Where to find beautiful blue rugs

Have you ever tried to look for the perfect rug online? Holy overwhelm! Recently, I went looking for the perfect blue rug for my living room. It turns out, there are 50 zillion blue rugs across the interwebs. Trying to find the perfect one is stress enough that you might be ready to slam your computer closed after you’ve searched for hours and you still haven’t ordered a rug. What’s worse is spending all that time trying to find the perfect rug and then it arrives and it’s not what you hoped for. Not that I have two rug fails sitting in my closet right now… Here’s my favorite beautiful blue rugs and where you can find them plus, some tips on how to buy rugs online.

Where to find inexpensive blue area rugs

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How to buy rugs online

Don’t start from scratch

Chances are there’s a room out there that has the style of rug you are looking for. Scroll through the home tours of your favorite bloggers. Where did they find their rugs? Hop on Pinterest and browse through spaces similar to your own, click over and see where those rugs are from. A lot of bloggers now share exactly where they source each item in their home.

Read reviews

When I was searching for my new living room rug, I spent a lot of time reading reviews. Many retailers allow reviewers to post pictures of the item in their space. I found these reviews to be the most helpful. Getting a chance to see more photos of the rug in different lighting situations allows you to get a more accurate picture of what it may look like in your own home. I will usually skip over a rug that has no reviews unless it is exceptionally beautiful and I feel like I can’t live without it.

Check prices

Sometimes the same rug will be available across a variety of retailers. Be sure to check other retailers to make sure you are getting the best deal. To do this, I usually copy the rug manufacturer’s name and the name of the rug and paste it into google search. Usually, several retailers will pop up and you can see which of them have the best price. This is also helpful when looking at review – you can look at reviews from several retailers.

Search keywords

If you know what you are looking for, search keywords on google or Pinterest to narrow your options. You can search “where to buy blue rugs” on Pinterest, and this post may pop up. Then you have nine beautiful rugs that might fit your taste. Additionally, individual blue rugs may pop up from different retailers, giving you even more options.

I hope this is helpful to you. I know I’ve spent way too much time in the past looking for the perfect rug. When I bought this rug for my master bedroom – it didn’t take nearly as long but I did follow the steps above.

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