Small Laundry Room Ideas

Small laundry spaces can be some of the most challenging to make functional and stylish. Larger laundry rooms can serve multiple purposes but small laundry rooms require you to get a little creative to make use of all of the space. Making a small laundry room functional can be difficult but it’s not impossible. How about we explore some small laundry room ideas that make the most of a small space not just in function but also in design?

For some reason in the last nine houses we’ve lived in, I’ve never been lucky enough to end up with a large laundry room. I’ve had small laundry rooms, even laundry closets, that have required me to get creative in function and design. Some of the best ideas for making the most of a small laundry room will work for rentals as well. Let’s dive in.

Small Laundry Room Ideas

Use Up Your Vertical Wall Space

When we think of the footprint of a laundry room we really only think about things that are about eye level and below. In a small laundry room, as in every small space, we have to use every inch of space we have and one great way to do that is by going up. You can add shelves, cabinetry, a drying rack, all on the wall above your washer and dryer or on another wall adjacent to it to give you more usable space in a small laundry room.

Take Out Anything That’s Not Working

Small Laundry Room Makeover

Just because the laundry room came with wire shelving or bulky cabinetry, doesn’t mean you have to use it. Remove anything that doesn’t feel functional. Wire shelving is some of the worst shelving options out there. Remove it and replace it with a wood shelf with a hanging bar. I hated the cabinetry in the laundry room of my rental so I removed the doors from the cabinets but left the boxes. That allowed us to keep the vertical storage but made it more pleasing to the eye.

Add a Shallow Shelf Above Your Top Loader Washer

Laundry Room Ideas for a small laundry space

Shelves on top of your front loader washer and dryer can give you additional surface area in a small laundry room. If you have a top loader washer, a larger shelf isn’t an option but, a shallow shelf can give you some surface area while still allowing you access to your washer.

Use a Shelf With Baskets Above Your Top Loader Washer

Shelf With Baskets Above Top Loader Washer

Here’s another custom shelf option that works so well with a top loader washer. A shelf like this is great way to use vertical space in a small laundry room. You can store things like dryer sheets or dryer balls, clothes pins, lone socks, and more in the baskets above. This keeps stuff off of the dryer and tucked away in hidden baskets.

Use Artwork, Canisters, and Jars to Store Ugly Laundry Things

Organizing small laundry room ideas

There’s always some kind of eyesore in a laundry room that needs to be hidden. I like to use leaning artwork on a shelf to hide things like outlets. Additionally, it’s a good idea to decant laundry pods into canisters. This not only looks better but it’s a better use of your laundry room shelf space.

Use a Collapsable Drying Rack

You can use a collapsable drying rack that you pull out during laundry days or you can install it on the wall. Better than hangers with clothing all over the laundry room. Having a small collapsable drying rack that you can bring out on laundry days and tuck away when done is convenient and useful in a small laundry room.

DIY a Wall Mounted Drying Rack

DIY Wall Mounted Drying Rack

If a foldable drying rack isn’t in the cards for you, a DIY wall-mounted one might be. This is a great way to utilize that vertical space that we talked about. Having a drying rack that you can simply fold up into the wall is ideal for a small laundry room.

Add a Tension Rod for Hanging

Another option for hanging is to add a tension rod across the top of the washer and dryer. A tension rod is a very simple and affordable addition to a laundry room. It’s a better option for a rental home than the previously mentioned mounted drying rack because it’s a temporary solution for laundry drying.

Get a Slim Laundry Hamper That Can Fit Between Washer and Dryer

A slim hamper that can easily slide between the washer and dryer frees up other ground space in a small laundry room. I used one like this in my laundry room and it fits perfectly between the washer and dryer. I love it because it doesn’t take up the already limited space in the small laundry room. This would also be ideal in a laundry closet that has zero extra floor space.

Laundry Closets

Organizing A Laundry Closet
Laundry Closet

There are small laundry rooms and then there are laundry closets. In laundry closets, the space is limited to just the washer and dryer and the space above it. Using that vertical space for shelving is really important. In our old house, we had a laundry closet behind a pair of bi-fold doors in our laundry room. It wasn’t ideal but it worked out okay because we made the most of it by using the storage space the shelving above the washer and dryer provided.

Use an Over-the-Door Hanging Ironing Board Holder

Over the door ironing board holder

An over-the-door or door-mounted ironing board/iron holder is a major space saver. Tucking such a bulky item behind the door frees up much more space in a small laundry room.

Broom Organizers Save Space

Organizer for Brooms and mops

Another great space saver is getting brooms and mops out of the corner of your laundry room and up in an organizer like a broom grabber. I’m notorious for shoving a broom in the corner of a closet or laundry room and never being able to find it. These little organizers keep your cleaning tools flush against the wall, taking up very little space, and you’ll always know where your brooms are.

Create More Space By Stacking The Washer and Dryer

Stacked Washer and Dryer Laundry Space

If you have front loader machines, can you stack your washer and dryer to create more space? This small laundry room got a big upgrade when she decided to stack the washer and dryer giving herself more space to add a cabinet for organizing laundry and cleaning items.

Wrapping up the small laundry room talk

I’ve lived in a small laundry room for years and I can confidently say that these are some of the best ways to maximize space in a small laundry room. Whether you own your home and can do complete renovations or you rent and can just make cosmetic changes, there is something here for everyone to take away and create a small laundry space that works for them. They can be a challenge but with these small laundry room ideas, I think you have tons of inspiration to make it function beautifully!

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