Home Safety Tips – Installing Smoke Alarms

Raise your hand if you knew that you were supposed to change the batteries in your smoke alarm at least once a year. Now, raise your hand if you knew that you were supposed to change your smoke alarmss every 10 years. Hint: I am not raising my hand because I didn’t know this at all. We’ve been the type that waited until the 2 a.m. chirps to change the batteries in our smoke alarms and didn’t even consider there was a smarter and safer way of doing things. Today, I’m excited to be partnering with Kidde to encourage you to break out of the battery changing routine and try a smarter way.

Kidde offers a simpler way to fire safety than the old “change your clocks, change your batteries” ritual. This year, instead of changing our batteries during Daylight Savings Time, we replaced our smoke alarms with units that have a battery life of 10 years. That means, no more changing batteries. Instead, you simply replace the unit after 10 years. The best part about it? Anyone can install them.

It’s Time for a Change

I was able to install a Kidde 10-year battery smoke alarm in my bedroom in 3 minutes flat. Using the hardware supplied in the packaging, a drill, and a screwdriver, I installed the plastic base that the smoke alarm attaches onto.

Next, I simply rotated the alarm until it was latched on tight and I heard the chirp letting me know it was installed and functioning. That’s it, I won’t have to get this ladder out and climb up there at 2 a.m. to change out batteries.

To me, this seems like a no-brainer. In an effort to simplify my life as much as possible, we swapped out our other smoke alarms as well. It feels great to not have to worry about our smoke alarm batteries so we can focus on other things to keep our home safe.

There’s certain security you feel knowing that your smoke alarms are up to date. If you’re interested in trying these Kidde 10-year battery smoke detectors you can use the code TIMEFORACHANGE at ShopKidde.com for 20% off your order plus free shipping.

Let me know in the comments what other ways you simplify your home safety!

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