Beachy Mason Jar Terrarium

My husband is in the Navy so it’s no surprise that for the last 6 of 7 years we’ve lived by some sort of water. I love the beach and it inspires a lot of my projects. You can see that in my Nautical Wreath or my Sisal Rope Coasters.

Now that summer is we are planning lots of beach days. Even my one year old loves to put her toes in the sand!

In the spirit of summer and all the beach days we anticipate having I wanted to share my Beachy Mason Jar Terrarium.

beachy mason jar terrarium

This project was two fold. I love terrariums and I never know what to do with the pretty seashells and seaglass we find on the beach. Thus, my beachy mason jar terrarium was born. It ended up being the perfect way to display those seaside finds. It also cost next to nothing and you know I love a good frugal project :)beach mason jar terrerium

Here’s what you’ll need: A mason jar, some sand, some beach finds (I used seaglass, seashells, and some driftwood). Optional: washi tape, chalkboard paint to paint the top of your jar, and ribbon for embellishment (not pictured).beachy tererrium

Now, there is no perfect way to put these together making it super easy. This is how I did it: I filled my jar about half full with sand. Then carefully placed my seashells trying not to disturb the sand too much. After everything was places I lightly shook the jar to settle the sand. beach terrerium

Now, to dress up the jar I painted the top with chalkboard paint and wrote on top which beaches they came from. In this case it was, Hawaii. We used to live there. We could walk to the beach. Oh now I want a pineapple ice cream cone… :)

I also wrapped a little washi tape around the rim for some decoration.
hawaii beach terrerium

And just because I love this new crocheted ribbon, I added a piece of it to my jar. So pretty.
seashell terrerium

It’s a fun way to bring a little bit of your favorite beach home with you.

I’m interested, what do you do with your beach finds?

This project was first shared on Mom 4 Real.

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