Fall Garland

Bits of fall are showing up in my house. And I love it.

Fall Garland in 5 minutes

Fall is such a beautiful time of year. Things just seem more cozy don’t you think?

I bet it’s cooling off in some of your neck of the woods. Maybe the leaves are changing colors. None of this is happening down here in good ol’ southern California.

One thing I love about moving around the country is that we have the good fortune of “test driving” different cities. We get to experience so many different places and learn what we love and what we aren’t so crazy about. I keep a little list in my head of things we want in our forever town (the town we settle down in after the military days are over) and things we want in our forever house. One thing I definitely want in our forever town is seasons. Having sunshine all year round is lovely but I do miss the cool fall breeze and even (gasp) snow. Some other things  that are must haves in our forever town will be tons of mature trees, drive in movie theaters, delicious donut shop, and some pretty countryside. Everything on my list is a tiny bit negotiable except for the donut shop and fall, those are must haves.

So, maybe it’s 90 degrees outside and it turns out that palm trees don’t change colors. It’s still fall inside my house. Today I’m share one of my fall projects this year.

5 minute fall garland

Here’s my super easy and super cheap Dollar Store Leaves Fall Garland.

Fall Garland TutorialIt’s no secret how much I love a nice budget project. This one is perfecto. I mean $1 perfect. I snagged a package of fall leaves from the Dollar Tree for a quick and easy fall garland.

One bag of leaves, sewing machine, and 5 minutes later – it was garland time (yeah, I said that.)

Fall Leaves Garland TutorialOkay, to make your fall garland, grab your leaves and have them handy. Start by sewing a seam up the center of your first leaf.

Dollar Fall Leaves GarlandOnce you’ve sewn that seam, push your next leaf through keeping a running seam. Continue to do that with as many leaves as you would like on your garland.

Fall Leaves GarlandThat’s it. 5 minutes later you’ve got yourself some festive fall garland.

Dollar Store Leaf Garland

Little bits of fall starting to show up in our house.

I’d love to hear if you’ve started decorating for fall. Also, do you have a wish list for your forever town or forever home? I’d love to hear about it in the comments or find me on Facebook or Instagram.

I’ve shared this project with these great link parties: Rain on a Tin Roof, Savvy Southern Style


  1. JaneEllen says

    You are so smart, love the simplicity. I”ll be doing that when I can get to my Fall decos. At least some of them. Your garland looks so festive, love colors on those leaves.
    It’s still pretty warm here also, had couple cooler days along with rain for past 4 days but it’s heating up again. Never know here what it will do.
    After S.D. we moved to Mt so we had all 4 seasons. I loved the snow except when I had to drive to Helena for work on 8-10% downgrades and no where to go except down if I went over. I learned a lot about myself in MT. So wish we’d stayed but we didn’t, duh.
    I was born in OH so had experienced all seasons. We moved to Tucson,. Az when I was 10 for my brother’s health. I lived in Tucson for 20 yrs. then moved to San Diego area, lived there for 21 yrs., then MT for 7 yrs., KY for 5 yrs. and we’ve been here in Grand Junction, CO area since end of Aug. 2004. I wish we’d gone back to MT when we left KY but we didn’t so have to make best of it. G.J. is quite expensive to live if you’re SS dependent seniors. One good thing is there’ s an excellent VA hospital in G.J. for my husband.
    Understand how you feel about the seasons. When fall came and winter we went up to Julian for the apple festival and the snow to play. Loved going up there. Have you ever been up there? Some of it burned in that bad fire few years ago but imagine things are rebuilt by now. That was same fire that burned some of El Cajon. I remember watching it on tv. Pretty scarey.. Were you in S.D. then?
    Better get going, behind on Emails thanks to me messing up my pc last night. Got it fixed up ok today, finally. Just luck and good old restore. Happy weekend

  2. says

    I picked some of the dollar store leaves up last year and sprinkled them all around the house because we live in Florida (and there are no changing leaves here for sure!) but I never thought to sew them into a garland. I might have to stop back in and see if them have them again here!!

  3. says

    Chelsea, this is so cute! I have some leaves at home I’ve been wondering what to do with them. Mind if I share this on my blog? I’ll link it back to you, of coarse.

    Thanks for sharing!


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