7 Gorgeous Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas

Aesthetic bedroom decor is all about creating a space that feels well, aesthetic. According to my Gen Z daughter, aesthetic is “basically stylish, or cute, or preppy.” There are many different styles within the aesthetic category such as boho, cottage core, preppy, and minimalist.  Each design style that falls under the aesthetic decor umbrella has its own features that set it apart. When it comes to designing an aesthetic room, there are plenty of ideas to choose from! 

Last year my daughter asked me for a room makeover and when we discussed which style of room she wanted she said, “aesthetic.” I wasn’t totally sure what aesthetic room decor entailed but she directed me to Pinterest and we found some cute inspiration. Since then, I’ve learned that aesthetic decor isn’t just a specific decorating style but it’s a buzzword used on social media to describe a stylish space, and within aesthetic decor is a bunch of different trendy decorating styles think “aesthetic cottage core” or “aesthetic bedroom. So today, let’s explore the trending styles that make up aesthetic decor according to Gen Z or at least my Gen Z, daughter! 

Cute ideas for girls rooms aesthetic room decor ideas

How to Make Your Bedroom Aesthetic?

To create an aesthetic bedroom, start by selecting your aesthetic style. Think about your favorite outfits, what colors you love, what mood you’re going for, etc. The next step is choosing a color palette. Many of the styles within aesthetic design involve neutral colors like white, gray, and black with pops of warm colors like pink, mustard yellow, or olive green. Next, choose your furniture and decor pieces that fit into the style you are going for. Think mix-and-match furniture pieces, organic materials, and vintage finds. Then layer in interesting textures like knits or macrame to create a cozy feel in your space. Lastly, add personal touches like photos, art prints, books, live plants – whatever makes you feel at home! 

These are just the basics of aesthetic bedroom decor but the possibilities for creating an aesthetic space are endless. The best thing about aesthetic decor is that it allows you to express your personal style in a unique and creative way. 

Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas

Scrolling through Tiktok I learned just a few aesthetic room styles and I want to explore each of them.

Cottagecore Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas

This style combines elements of the country with vintage furniture, natural textures, and greenery. House Beautiful describes Cottagecore as, “It’s all about indulging in the beauty and simplicity of the every day, with an emphasis on well-loved wood furniture, botanical patterns, textural fabrics, wall decor, and bespoke pieces that have an heirloom quality about them.” There’s an elevated farmhouse element to Cottagecore that is definitely rooted in social media. You’ll find many cottagecore styles on Pinterest with moody filters and vintage vibes. Cottagecore aesthetic bedrooms are hallmarked by cozy layered beds, greenery, printed fabrics or wallpaper, vintage wood furnishings, and vintage artwork. 

This version of cottagecore reminds me of staying in your friend’s home in the mountains that’s been there forever and all of the furniture are heirloom pieces that have been handed down. It’s an elevated farmhouse vibe with more color and a moody vibe. I’m into it.

Still cottagecore just slightly less moody. This one also plays on a lot of textures and prints with the bedding and wallpaper. The combination of pink and green is definitely a cottagecore standard.

Boho Aesthetic Room Ideas

Boho home styling covers a large genre but boho aesthetic seems to be a bit narrower. With Boho aesthetic we find a lot of neutral colors, natural textures, greenery, and woven items.  Where cottagecore has more of a vintage feel, boho aesthetic leans into modern bohemian vibes with simple line furniture, heavily layered beds, decorative tapestries, faux vines, and lots of woven materials as rattan and macrame.  Boho Aesthetic also has a bit of an eclectic vibe with mix-and-match furniture and an abundance of throw pillows. When you search boho aesthetic on social media you’ll mostly find a lot of neutral tones but boho aesthetic can also include colorful decor as well. 

A modern spin on a boho bedroom aesthetic. The staples are there with the textures. The neutrals are more modern and it’s a really clean and understated version of boho chic. I like this take and I think it would be a really nice bedroom for a mature teen that appreciates good design. You can add more personality by including a corkboard with photos, framed art pieces, or other knickknacks.

boho bedroom aesthetic
via Pintsized Beauty

This photo is very much what you find when you search “aesthetic bedroom.” The sepia tone, the neutrals, the textures, it all screams aesthetic. While the actual room won’t be in sepia tone we can get a good idea of what a boho aesthetic is made up of in this bedroom. I’ll just point out the live potted plant, the garland above the bed, and the messily made bed as great features of this boho-inspired bedroom.

This last inspo shot of a boho space is *chefs kiss.* I love the vine cascading around the headboard and the hanging light. You can get a glimpse of the well loved chest of drawers in the reflection of the mirror next to the bed. The linen duvet layered with a block printed blanket and pillows really gives you a collected over time feel that you expect in a boho aesthetic bedroom.

Preppy Aesthetic Ideas

Preppy aesthetic is categorized as cheerful and full of good vibes. Preppy aesthetic is reminiscent of college society girls, or Lily Pulitizer vibes, with a bright and colorful color palette that typically includes neons and pastel tones and brightly colored prints. You’ll often find preppy bedrooms with a lot of pattern mixing, layered pillows, and throws, fairy lights, wall collages with photographs, bright textiles, natural materials such as rattan and wicker, along with personal items like art, trinkets, and potted plants.

preppy aesthetic bedroom
via Lucy and Company | Design and photo by Beth Keim

The preppy aesthetic is the one that most makes me think of “teen girls.” I just love all of the punchy colors, bold patterns, and fun accessories. The pink bed and funky lamps are my favorite part of this room.

preppy aesthetic bedroom
via JAC Interiors

Lest you think pink is required for a preppy bedroom, this one is full of blue and is just as preppy and fun. The paisley accent wall is beautiful and I love the unique bookshelf/bedside table under the window.

Retro Aesthetic

Retro or vintage aesthetic takes inspiration from decades past. This aesthetic decorating style is dependent on the decorator and what they consider vintage but some things you may find in a vintage aesthetic bedroom would be graphic prints like old movie posters, vintage neon lights, vintage pieces, records, and Polaroid pictures. Additionally, you’ll find more muted tones like neutrals mixed in with deep green, gold, terra cotta, and burnt orange. If you have a passion for time gone by then this may be an interesting aesthetic bedroom decor idea for you.

Kawaii Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas

The Kawaii style of aesthetic design is all about everything cute or Kawaii. Kawaii in Japanese is “cute” so you can expect a lot of sweet little characters, fun prints, cuddly plushies, neon signs, and tons of accessories. My 7-year-old’s reaction to the “kawaii aesthetic” video we watched on Tiktok was “why is all of this so cute?” I think that pretty much sums up the Kawaii aesthetic. 

kawaii aesthetic girls bedroom
source unknown

Living in Japan the Kawaii aesthetic speaks to the girls in my house. We love all of the cute little things that make up Kawaii decor. The squishies, the colors, the adorable figurines all makeup Kawaii decor and it’s all so well, kawaii.

Coastal Granddaughter Aesthetic Ideas

Coastal Granddaughter aesthetic reminds me of a GenZ updated version of my signature coastal style. This style is a mix of seaside vibes, cottagecore, and preppy styles. You’ll find lots of rattan furniture, vintage furnishings, and fun colors like blues metallics, and white with hints of pastels. You’ll find Serena & Lily wallpapers, shiplap, and brass hardware. It’s easy to create a coastal granddaughter’s aesthetic bedroom by adding lots of soft textiles like knitted throws or quilted blankets. It’s a modern take on coastal design that is perfect for aesthetic decor lovers. 

It’s like if your super fashionable grandmother lived on the beach and then you inherited it and just gave it a little facelift. That’s what coastal granddaughter aesthetic feels like to me. I love every ounce of the decor here. The linen, the gray-washed floors, the rustic wood headboards, and all that gorgeous shiplap.

Modern Minimalism Decor Ideas

Modern Aesthetic is an interior design style known for neutral tones or monochromatic color schemes, simple and sleek lines, a focus on minimalism, using materials found in nature, and utilizing natural light. If your teen is a minimalist then a modern aesthetic bedroom is something to consider. In a modern aesthetic bedroom, you’ll find clean lines, modern furniture pieces, and minimalistic decor. Adding some plants or a piece of artwork can really make the room stand out and add some extra personality to the space. 

In Conclusion

Aesthetic bedrooms are on trend right now and the possibilities are really endless. The best part is you can mix and match different aesthetic decor to create a room that truly speaks to your style and personality. Whether it’s modern minimalism, Kawaii, vintage, or coastal granddaughter style – there are enough aesthetic bedroom ideas that I know you’ll find one or a few to suit your taste.

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