Why I Love Black Interior Doors

Black interior doors have become incredibly popular in the world of home decor. This bold design choice showcases the rich and deep hues of black, which can truly transform any space in your home. By adding boldness, elegance and a little contemporary flair, black doors offer a versatile solution to plain white doors and complement any style. So, why not check out some of my favorite door designs and maybe even try out this design in your own home?

Is a Black Door Right for Your Home

While black in not tuly a color when it comes to decorating black should be treated as a color. There are many ways you can include black as a color to your interior design. Black is a perfect accent color for your home it can be used to punctuate a neutral or mostly white interior design or used as the main design color for a dark and moody look.

My Favorite Black Paint Colors

Lately, on the blog I have been reviewing paint colors and recently I have reviewed two different black paint colors. Sherwin Williams Iron Ore and Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black. Either of these two colors would look amazing when used as on interior door color.

Sherwin WIlliams Iron Ore

Iron Ore is a really dark paint color. It’s not really a true black paint but more of a soft black paint color Iron Ore is what some people would call a charcoal gray. When compared to pure white paints, this color looks black but if you place it against anything black you’ll see that it’s more of deep charcoal than a pure black color. So if you are looking for something not as harsh as a true black Iron Ore might be a good choice for your home.

Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black

Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black is one of, if not the most popular black paint color available. This neutral yet bold color makes a perfect contrast to a bright white. Sherwin Williams describes the color as a, “trendy, never-boring black.” They go on to say that you can, “pair it with white for a classic contrast. Since it’s a true black, it works with any undertone.” From what I have seen it’s true that Tricorn Black is as close to true black as you’re gonna get. It’s classic, it’s timeless, and it’s a great choice for bold interior walls and of course black interior doors.

Do you Paint Both Sides When Painting an Interior Door?

This is question I have actually thought a lot about and my answer is yes and no! Yes, if its a door leading to a living space so, a bedroom, bathroom or other area people spend time in. The only other time I would recommend painting both sides is when using white paint. I would recommend not painting both sides when the door leads to a closet or kitchen pantry or similar space. The other side won’t be visible to most and you want to remain flexible with your design.

Choosing the Right Paint Finish for Black Doors

When deciding on the right paint finish for your black interior doors, you need to consider both the aesthetic factors and the practical factors. First, think about the overall look you want to achieve – a high-gloss finish will make a statement and add some light as it reflects light better then other paint finishes, while a matte or satin finish can bring a more modern or subtle look. Additionally, consider the amount of traffic that passes through the door as a higher traffic area will require a more durable finish like a high gloss finish. While a door in a lower traffic location would be perfect for a matte finish.

Interior Door Hardware/ Door Knobs

The hardware you choose has just as much of an impact on the vibe of the space as the paint color does. Make sure to select door hardware that coordinates with the theme of the room. You will also want to consider all the others doors hardware in your home. I dont think all the hardware has to match exactly but it should at least look intentional.

Why Choose a Black Door?

Upgrade a Door Without Changing a Door

If you’re not looking to replace your door, but want to give your interior doors an upgrade, painting them black is an easy solution. Whether you have plain white doors or wood doors that need some sprucing up, a coat of black paint can instantly modernize and elevate your design.

Create a Statement

Black makes a bold statement with their dark and dramatic coloring. They add depth and contrast to any room, making it stand out from the rest of the space. It’s a simple and effective way to elevate the overall look of your home.

Complement Any Style

Whether your home is traditional, farmhouse, modern, or somewhere in between, black doors can complement any style. They effortlessly blend in with neutral color palettes or bold ones and add a touch of beauty to bold and colorful spaces.

Highlight Other Black Accents

If you have other black accents in your home, such as furniture or art pieces, a black door can tie the entire look together. It creates a cohesive and intentional design that will surely impress all visitors.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Black doors may seem like they would require high maintenance, but this is not the case. In fact, black can easily hide dirt and scuff marks, making them a practical choice ffor any home. Regular dusting and occasional spot cleaning will keep your doors looking beautiful for years to come.

Black Interior Doors for Your Inspiration

Two Painted Black Doors

There is no such thing as too much of a good thing and thats why this is the perfect design. Not only are these small closet doors painted black the front door to this home is also painted black. I love this design as is coordinates really nicely with the dark gray in the flooring. I totally in love with the entryway lighting it proivides the perfect spotlight to highlight the black doors.

Black Door Fireplace

This door design is a great example of how black can add style and contrast to a mostly white interior design. The contrast of the black against the white walls creates a dramatic look without overwhelming the space with too much black. This design is brilliant the painted door would look out of place if not for the black interior of the fireplace. The combination of the fireplace and dark painted door is perfect.

Black Pantry Door

This design is something else. The door design is somewhat more intricate than the doors I have shown before. It’s painted Tricorn Black with white trim which really makes it standout. This door is perfect for this kitchen as it coordinates perfectly with the black kitchen cabinets. This design more so then some of the other really makes the door stand out.

Plank Door

I have always loved this style of door and I love it even more in black. This door design is really unique and would look great in a farmhouse style kitchen or farmhouse style bedroom. Taking a closer look it has a really interesting hardware the door knob appears to be a flat ring style and the hinges are something I have never seen before. they almost remind me of something you would see on a sliding barn door. In my forever home you can guarantee I will have these plank style doors throughout, though with a coastal design.

Modern Black Interior Door

This modern door design is painted the perfect color. The black door truly fits this design and coordinates nicely with the black vanities and the other smaller black accent pieces in this mostly white bathroom. The modern design of the actual door is also a perfect design choice for this modern and clean looking bathroom.

Black Double Interior Doors

This door design is another show stopper. I love that in this design the only black is in the doors and in the art and small bench. The rest of the design is light and bright colors. This allows the black in the doors to truly stand out. I particilarly love the black doors over top the light wood flooring to me that is a classic design and always looks impressive.

Black Interior Sliding Doors

Here is another set of impressive doors. These doors almost look like a light black if there is such a thing. I love the coordination of black in this space with the office space, dining chairs and doors all bringing the design together into one cohesive look.

Glass Interior Doors

These office doors are perfect and they match nicely with the gray painted walls. I love the black glass doors, it’s a nice twist on traditional white framed glass doors. this is an ideal design for this small home office.

Black Door Black Hardware

Black mudroom door with black hardware.
Cynthia Lynn Photography

If you are wanting to add a unique touch to your black doors, think about pairing them with black hardware. When first looking at this design I couldnt believe this was a door and not just an empty entryway. In my house in Florida I had black hardware on white doors at the time I never considered painting any doors black, now I am wishing I would have as I am absolutely obsessed with this design.

Black Arched Interior Door

Black can also be used in more dramatic and unique ways, such as this arched door design. The black color adds uniqueness and loads of elegance to this space, giving this home a lovely luxurious feel. The arch shape of the door also adds a nice focal point to the room.

Black Pocket Doors

Next let’s take a look at black pocket doors. These are a great option for creating an open floor plan or separating two connected spaces while still maintaining the overall flow and design of the home. The black color adds a stylish touch to these practical doors, making them functional but also appealing.

Black Barn Door

Black barn door used in a bedroom

When doing a door roundup we can’t forget about the ever popular black barn door. This trend has been around for a while now and they are as trendy as ever. The black color gives this traditional style door a modern twist, making it perfect for any home design. Plus, the contrast of the dark color against lighter walls adds an eye-catching element to the room.

Frosted Glass Black Doors

To close up, let’s take a look at black doors with frosted glass. This design is perfect for adding privacy while still allowing some light to pass through. This is a great design choice for a home office since it allows natural light to shine through while still allowing privacy so you can get your work done.


Wrapping up, black interior doors are a great option for adding character, accents and style to your homes interior. From traditional to modern designs, there is a black door option for everyones interior design style. Whether you choose to paint your existing doors or invest in new ones, incorporating black into your home can add a touch of color and beauty to any space.

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