Updating Your Rental Home Light Fixtures

Rental living definitely presents its fair share of challenges. Some rentals are gorgeous and really need no updating but I’d bet the majority need a little TLC and maybe a cosmetic facelift to bring a personal flair to the space. Since most of the rentals we’ve lived in over the past 15 years have been military housing, they are as bland as can be and need a lot of help. A few weeks ago I shared my ultimate guide to rental decorating and included lots of tips on how to update your rental to make it feel like home. One of the tips I shared was to swap out light fixtures. Updating your rental home light fixtures is a small but mighty switch that leaves a big impact.

Let me show you the big difference it made in my living room.

Here’s the before. We have these lights all over the house and there was four downstairs. They are as generic as can be. It’s hard to love your space when you hate the lighting. I really did love everything else about my living room, as long as I didn’t look up at the ceiling. A friend of mine who lives down the street had changed out a few of her light fixtures and it inspired me to do the same. Why not invest a few hundred dollars in lighting that I love if it will make me feel better about our space? It’s not a permanent change so we can take these lights with us when we leave.

Updating your rental home light fixtures

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I loved this view immediately after we swapped those boring blah lights for these brass globe ones.

I swapped two of the blah lights for the brass globe ones. These ones I put in the entryway and in the small hallway between the entryway and kitchen (it’s right above me in this photo).

I replaced the two lights in our living room with these brass-rimmed flush mount light fixtures.

Can you believe the difference it makes in this space? I spent around $300 for the four lights which I think is relatively inexpensive considering how pricey lighting can be. It’s also a great investment because I’ll be able to use them in future homes as well. If you’re looking for some ways to spruce up your rental space try updating your rental lighting.

That’s the only lighting that we added to this space. We also added these sconces that look hardwired but they aren’t!

You’ll also want to check out the Ultimate Guide to Rental Decorating for more decorating tips.

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