Built Ins Around the Fireplace

Adding built ins around the fireplace is a really sophisticated addition to any living space. Not only are living room built ins ideal for storage but they also level up the aesthetics of a living space as well. Built ins can be a sleek and tailored interior design decision that gives necessary storage while also contributing to the overall decor of the room. We really love built ins because they give us an opportunity to accessorize spaces without it feeling overwhelming or cluttered. If you have some blank space around a fireplace, you might want to consider adding a built ins on either side. Let’s take a look at some beautiful spaces adorning built ins around fireplaces.

Built ins around the fireplace

Built Ins Around Fireplaces

With all design, it’s imperative that you first understand the needs of the space. If you aren’t pressed for extra storage than perhaps a mantel only fireplace is a better option. If you are desperate for storage, want to add some height, or just visual interest to your space then adding built in shelves around a fireplace is a really good option. In this post, you’ll gather some great inspiration for living room built-ins around a fireplace. 

Add Symmetry with Built In Shelving Around Fireplace

Built in bookcase around fireplace ideas
via Alegre Interiors

It can’t be overstated how much character built ins bring to a space. This living room with built ins flanking both sides brings symmetry which is always pleasing to the eye. The shelves are filled with fun design details and decorative items that add interest without looking cluttered. You certainly could load these shelves up with books and it would still look equally as lovely.

Asymmetrical Built Ins Around Fireplace

Blue shiplap built in around the fireplace
Red Door Home

While symmetry is always pleasing to the eye, it’s not always possible and sometimes asymmetry is the best option. This asymmetrical set of built ins around the fireplace are perfect.  These shelves allow for ample storage while maximizing the space provided. I also really appreciate the added texture the shiplap gives to the built ins.

Aligning Built Ins with The Fireplace

built in cabinets around fireplace
Mint Home Decor

When you think about built ins you may automatically consider tall shelving that goes from floor to ceiling. This example of fireplace built ins provides clean lines with the shorter built ins that have shelves above, the same level as the fireplace mantel. Another feature I love about these particular built ins are the glass-paneled doors. They add some extra character and visual interest.

Black Built Ins Set the Mood

black and white built in cabinets around fireplace
via LU Design Build

Big mood energy from these sophisticated black built ins on the sides of the fireplace. The contrast of the black shelves and the white-painted fireplace is sleek and classic.  These built ins are also great because they are floor-to-ceiling and provide a ton of storage space. The decor on the shelves is minimalistic yet impactful.

Custom Floating Fireplace Built Ins

built in floating bookshelves around fireplace
via Simply Aligned Home

We see a lot of built ins that are painted the same color as the wall or a contrasting color but how about these DIY wood floating built ins. I love the way these shelves are just built right into the wall on either side of the super modern fireplace. The decor on the shelves is kept simple and clean which allows the beauty of the wood to shine. Adding a couple of woven baskets to corral clutter is super smart and stylish.

Arched Built In Shelves Around Fireplace

Arched built ins around fireplace
via Home with Hay

For a more custom-looking built-in shelves try some fun trim options like this gorgeous arched built in shelving that flanks the fireplace. The arches create some dimension to the space. The arches break up all of the clean lines that are going on in the space. The shelves are filled with decor with additional baskets for tucking away random odds and ends.  

Brick Fireplace with Built Ins

white brick wall with built in shelves and fireplace
via Decorologist photo by Melanie G Photography

Typically when we see a traditional brick fireplace it doesn’t have any kind of built in to go along with it. This is a pleasant change of pace. The vibe has a lot of cottage charm with the white painted brick with matching white mantel. The brick built-in fits the space perfectly and even adds a small amount of space to style with accessories.

Sophisticated Built-In Bookshelves Around the Fireplace

sophisticated built ins around fireplace
via Jodi Fleming Design

The floor to ceiling built in shelves around this fireplace is just stunning. The architectural details on the woodwork add to the overall sophisticated look of the space. If you are new to decorating, remember that symmetry always creates a visually pleasing space. This room is a great example of how balance can create a gorgeous focal point. The addition to cabinet doors to the bottom portion of the built ins gives a small amount of closed storage that is highly desirable in a family room.

Low Profile Fireplace Shelves

Low built in shelves around fireplace
via The Marler Company

I love these built ins around the fireplace because they are a less is more kind of design. In this space the built ins aren’t the focal point of the room. The fireplace really shines. I also love that the shelves don’t go all the way to the ceiling so that we can appreciate the shiplap design detail that is above the shelves and fireplace. The open shelves are great for storage. 

Tips for Styling Built ins Around Fireplaces

When styling built ins around a fireplace, you want to ensure that the space looks balanced overall. This can be accomplished by adding in height and depth to your shelves. Start with larger items such as a stacks of books or baskets to bring in texture and fill up the vertical space. Then you can add smaller items like vases, frames, or decor pieces for added dimension and color. Lastly, incorporate some greenery into the mix! It will complete the look while bringing life into your space. 

Final Thoughts on Fireplace Built Ins

Built ins around the fireplace are a fantastic way to add both storage and style to your living space. Whether you prefer symmetrical or asymmetrical designs, sleek and modern or traditional with architectural details, there is built in bookcases that will fit your personal interior design preferences. If a built in bookshelf is on your DIY project list, be sure to bookmark this page so you can come back to gather creative inspiration for built-ins around fireplaces!

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