Bedroom Sitting Area Ideas and Inspiration

Would you like a peaceful place in your bedroom to relax at the end of the day, or curl up with a good book? If so, check out these master bedroom sitting area ideas. Fortunately, you can create a cozy and comfortable bedroom no matter the layout, budget, or size of your bedroom.

A bedroom sitting areas are a great way to make the most of your bedroom space. You can achieve an effective seating area in your bedroom with a few easy tips. For small bedrooms, benches at the foot of the bed or against a wall work great and won’t take up too much space. If you have more room to work with in your bedroom for a larger seating area, consider adding armchairs or a sofa around a table to create a cozy reading nook or lounging area. Regardless of your room size and budget these bedroom sitting area ideas will surely inspire you.

Bedroom Sitting Area Ideas

Large Bench Seating Area in Bedroom

Long built in bench seating area in master 
bedroom with neutral colors and natural lighting.  Desk seating area available as well.
Via M James Acrchitecture

If you are looking for a simple and stylish way to add extra seating to your bedroom, consider adding a large bench. Large benches are functional, versatile pieces that work well with any decor style. You can find them in a range of materials, from leather to wood, and they often feature both storage and additional pillows or cushions. This built in bedroom sitting area is fantastic in that it doesn’t take up valuable usable space in the room and offers plenty of storage beneath the actual bench.

Bedroom with End of Bed Bench Seating Area

This is a master bedroom sitting area for smaller bedrooms. Adding a seating area at the foot of the bed provides ample seating without taking up too much room. This space also includes great natural lighting and lighting from an overhead chandelier making this seating area great for reading playing around on your phone.

Bedroom Seating Areas Chairs Plus End of Bed Bench Seating

Bedroom Seating Area with Chairs plus end of bed bench seating white with neutral colors and blue painted walls and table lamps.
Via Laurau

If you are looking for a chic and sophisticated bedroom seating area, this is the ideal option. This bedroom sitting area includes two armchairs flanking an end of the bed bench. The addition of pillows and a throw blanket add texture to this gorgeous space, making it perfect for lounging in any season.

Sofa Seating Area in Bedroom

If you have the space, adding a sofa to your bedroom is a great way to create a cozy and inviting seating area. This sitting area features a coffee table for drinks or snacks, and plenty of pillows for lounging in comfort. With lush drapes framing the windows and beautiful rugs, this bedroom sitting area exudes luxury.

Multiple Seating Areas in Bedroom

Multiple Seating Areas in Bedroom.  Sitting area near large window and large comfy chair sitting area.  End of bed bench sitting area in bedroom.
Via Dependable Renovations

If you have room to spare in your bedroom, why not create multiple sitting areas? This bedroom includes two snug seating areas: one for reading and one for lounging. The seating area by the window includes a nice side table to enjoy your morning coffee by the large window.

Girls Room Sitting Area Ideas

If you have a daughter and are looking for bedroom sitting area ideas, why not create a special place just for her? This girls room features a cozy seating area complete with pretty pillows and plush rugs. 

Bedroom Sitting Area Bench with Small Chair

This beautiful bedroom sitting area features a simple built in bench with storage underneath and a small accent chair. This space give you plenty of options for lounging around the bedroom. 

Loungey Sitting Area in Bedroom

Loungey chaise Sitting Area in Bedroom.  Large comfy sitting area
 in master bedroom with pillows and throw blankets
Via Ramage Company

Looking for a bedroom sitting area that screams relaxation and comfort? This space is the perfect example, with plush pillows and throw blankets. With plenty of natural light flooding in from large windows and floor to ceiling curtains, you are sure to feel relaxed here. This sitting area is perfect for lounging and even taking a quick nap without messing up the bed.

Sitting Area in Bedroom with Chairs and Small Table

Looking for a bedroom sitting area that offers plenty of versatility? This space is perfect, with two armchairs a nice area rug you can curl up and read a book, or invite a friend over to lounge.  You can create an even cozier spot by placing the chairs in front of the fireplace. I absolutely love the vibe created here with this bedroom sitting area.

Master Bedroom Ideas With Seating Area

A master bedroom sitting area is the ultimate in luxury. With plush chaise seating, a large window to let in natural light, you will feel like royalty when relaxing here. The high ceiling only adds to the ambience in this bedroom seating area. Whether you want a spot for reading or simply lounging with a cup of coffee, this beautiful space has everything you need. 

Master Bedroom Ideas with Seating Area Red Couch 

Master Bedroom Ideas with Seating Area Red Couch with floor lamps and chandelier.
Via Aft Construction

If you are looking for a more dramatic bedroom sitting area, this red couch is the ideal choice. With deep plush seating and plenty of pillows, it’s the perfect spot to relax after a long day. This space also features an additional seating area by the window giving you plenty of options for lounging. The lighting for this bedroom sitting area couldn’t be better with floor lamps and tons of natural lighting.

Lovely Sitting Area in Bedroom 

For a more casual bedroom sitting area try putting two armchairs by the window at the foot of the bed.  This is the perfect spot to read the news while drinking your morning coffee. I love all the lighting options available in this space from a beautiful chandelier, table lamps and tons of natural lighting and sunlight this is sure to be a space that can be used all. throughout the day.

Kids Room Bean Bag Chair Bedroom Seating Area

For a fun and relaxed sitting area, try adding bean bag chairs to your kids room. Not only is this a great way to encourage lounging around, but with plenty of throw pillows it can be transformed into the perfect reading spot or place for kids to watch their favorite shows on their tablets.

Small Bedroom Sitting Area Ideas – Hanging Chair

Looking for a small bedroom sitting area that is both stylish and functional? Why not try adding a comfortable hanging chair? This space is the perfect place to relax and unwind. Plus, with a wide array of pillows and blankets, you can easily customize this sitting area to suit your relaxation needs. Just make sure this bedroom seating idea is properly installed or your relaxing be short lived.

Bedroom Ideas with Sitting Area Small Wicker Chair

A small wicker chair is the perfect addition to any bedroom sitting area. This bedroom seating area proves that you don’t need much space to have an amazing bedroom sitting area. This small wicker chair is all you need to create a functional sitting area in your bedroom.

Storage Bench Bedroom Sitting 

If you are looking for a bedroom sitting area that is both functional and stylish, consider adding a storage bench to your bedroom. With plenty of space underneath the bench seating, you can easily add baskets to underneath the bench store books and other items out of sight. 

Lake House Bedroom with Seating Area for Two

These minimalistic bedroom seating area chairs are a great way to add seating without interrupting your view. This seating area is a great place to enjoy coffee or cocktails by the fireplace while enjoying your view.

Small Sitting Area in Bedroom Chair at the Foot of the Bed

Are you looking for a unique small bedroom sitting area idea? Consider adding two chairs like these at the foot of your bed. This is an excellent way to save space while still offering seating in your bedroom. Whether you are reading, watching TV, or chatting with friends, this beautiful small bedroom sitting area is a great way to add seating in a small space. Plus the chairs are small and portable enough to move around the room depending on your needs.

Bedroom Sitting Area Simple Wooden Chair 

If you are looking for a simple sitting area, look no further than this beautiful wooden chair. With clean lines and a comfortable seat, this small bedroom seating area is the perfect spot to relax in any bedroom. Whether you want to curl up with a good book or simply enjoy some quiet time alone, this gorgeous wooden chair or one like it will make a great addition to any bedroom seating area.

Small Bedroom Sitting Area 

If you are looking for a practical and budget friendly bedroom seating option this idea might be for you.  Benches like these are the ideal size for a small bedroom seating area and are portable enough to be moved throughout the room to suit your seating needs. 

Chaise Lounge Chair Sitting Area in a Bedroom

Looking for a luxurious bedroom sitting area idea? Consider adding a comfortable chaise lounge chair to your bedroom. Not only is this a great place to relax, but it can also double as extra storage space by putting some blankets and pillows in the seat. This beautiful chaise lounge is another great way to create an elegant and cozy seating area

Bedroom Desk Sitting Area Ideas

If you are looking for a bedroom sitting area that doubles as a functional space, why not consider adding a desk to your bedroom? This small bedroom seating area is ideal for those who love working from home or need to do some work in the evenings. Some people may not love the idea of having a desk in their bedroom so this bedroom seating idea idea may not be for everyone but it is a good way to get double duty from your bedroom furnishings.

Bedroom Rocking Chair Sitting Area

Rocking chairs don’t only have to be used to rock babies to sleep, they are also a great way to introduce seating into your bedroom without taking up a ton of space. This modern rocking chair would be the perfect addition to any small bedroom in need of a nice seating area.

Separate Seating Area in Master Bedroom

Is your bedroom large enough to have a separate seating area? If so, this bedroom sitting area idea is perfect for you. The sitting room is big enough to have oversized arm chairs and a nice cozy ottoman. The space still has an open feeling and the TV is viewable from the sitting area and the bed so you can choose your lounging location.

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In closing, whether you have a large bedroom or a small one, there are many ways to add a cozy and functional seating area to your bedroom. Whether you want to relax with loved ones, read a book in peace, or get some work done without distractions, there is a perfect bedroom sitting area idea for everyone. So take some time to browse these ideas and get inspired to create your own bedroom seating area in your home.

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