Entryway Bench With Storage: Function and Organization Ideas for your Entryway

An entryway bench with storage is a great design option for all kinds of entryways. Benches provided a seating space as well as an organized place for all of your belongings. Whether you’re looking for a bench with shoe storage or one that can double as a coat rack, there are plenty of design options that will allow your entryway to look stylish while also functioning well. Good design is something that’s functional and stylish. A lot of times we think we must sacrifice one to have the other but in this post, you’ll see that you can have beautiful and functional entryway storage benches that look amazing while also providing you with the ample storage you need.

Entryway Storage Bench Ideas

Anatomy of a Beautiful Entryway

First, let’s see what it takes to create the perfect entryway.

What makes a perfect entryway?

The recipe to any good entryway no matter the size of the entryway is storage whether that be baskets, drawers, cabinets, or some sort of functional seating area. We’ll look at some examples of entryway benches with storage but it’s important to note that even if you cannot create a custom built-in entryway system you can still have a very nice and functional entryway if you include these elements.

I love an entryway bench because it does multiple jobs. It’s a great seat for putting on and taking off shoes. It can act as a drop zone when you’re walking through the door with full hands. It’s also can be a great storage area for shoes, jackets, or other belongings. Overall, it keeps your foyer from gathering clutter. You can have built-in storage like drawers or under-seat cabinets. You can also place wicker baskets or storage bins underneath for an entryway bench with shoe storage. That’s a great starting point for a functional entryway. Having that extra area of organization frees up space elsewhere in the home.

We’re going to look at some perfect entryway benches that I think are worth mimicking.

Gorgeous Entryway Storage Bench Ideas

Small Entryway Bench With Storage

If you’re working with a small entryway and need to maximize the space, an entryway bench with storage could be the perfect solution. In smaller spaces, benches that open up for storage can provide plenty of room for shoes, bags, and other items without taking up too much valuable floor space.

If you need lots of storage in a small entryway, try to maximize all of your wall space. In addition to a bench, you can add hooks for coats and bags. In the space above, you see cubbies for baskets or shoes. The bench has drawers for organizing shoes discreetly.  This kind of design allows you to store items within the bench while also making use of wall space with hooks for coats and bags.

I love this smart and cozy entryway that’s slightly tucked away. It doesn’t take up a lot of square footage but it definitely optimizes the limited space it has with its storage bench, double row of hooks for hats, bags, and coats, plus an additional shelf above for baskets.

This small entryway is more modern and minimalist. No frills, just an entryway beach with space below for baskets.

I had to include this small and unique entrance piece. I love the shape and the color but most of all, I love how it uses a relatively awkward space between two doorways to create function and beauty.

Entryway Bench with Storage for Non-Entryways

If your space doesn’t have an actual entryway, why not create an entryway zone for yourself with a hallway bench? You can create a small seating area with a bench and storage, making it the perfect spot to drop off bags at the end of the day or put on shoes before heading out. You just need enough wall space to place a bench then, you can get creative with the storage.

I created this perfect entryway bench for our home that opened directly into the living room. Not having a dedicated entryway, it was nice to create a space that you can designate as your drop zone. We put baskets on the shelf below for shoes, hung backpacks and coats on the hooks, and my girls sat on the bench each more to put on their shoes before we left the house. There’s a tutorial for creating this industrial-style entryway bench if you’re interested.

Tiny entryway with comfy storage bench with shoe storage
via Disabella Designs

Your entryway bench doesn’t have to be a custom-built cabinet. It can be a basic bench that functions the way you need: baskets for shoes and a cushion for sitting. You can add a row of hooks for hanging scarves and bags to create a full entryway experience but this example shows you that you can create an entryway out of nothing more than a simple bench and wall hooks!

Here’s another example of a simple entryway that is small and compact and needs very little space to function. This one is a DIY project that you can create on your own. Add some baskets below for shoe organization and you’ve got a highly functional, compact entryway that does its job.

Full Sized Entryways With Bench Storage

Having a spacious entrance to your home is lovely, it makes your home feel larger, more open, and welcoming however, more space does not equal more organization. You still have to work to create the organization you want out of your full-size entryway.

Larger entryways have the advantage of allowing for more space to play with. Even with larger entryways, there are still two main focuses, a bench, and storage. With those two items in mind, you get to be a little more creative with coming up with the design. In the entryway above they created a beautiful custom bench with gorgeous millwork, brass coat hooks, and a lift-top bench that is wonderful for storage. They also included shelving above which is great for baskets of additional gear that you can grab before heading out the door.

This foyer has a similar setup to the previous one, a nice custom cubby situation right off of the front door. It’s the perfect storage space for all the necessities like backpacks, purses, and shoes. I love that they created a little moment in this entryway by adding cute accent pillows to the entryway bench. 

An entryway bench with shoe storage is a top priority for a lot of families. Having ample storage for shoes and boots is not just convenient but also helps keep the entryway looking clean. This design uses a traditional bench with drawers underneath for shoe storage. There’s also a column of cubbies to the left for additional storage. Utilizing all of these organizational items is a great way to make use of a small space without overcrowding the entryway.

No matter what kind of entryway you have, there is always a solution to creating

entryway bench in grand foyer
via Bartone Interiors

Here’s another option if you have a beautiful foyer but aren’t interested in creating anything that is custom or built-in. This entryway bench with storage is literally all you could need. It’s got drawers for shoe storage which is a must and it’s got a nice seat. It hits both of the checks for creating a good entryway without changing the design of the home. 

Mudroom Style Entryways with Benches and Shoe Storage

I grew up in the southwest and mudrooms aren’t really a thing in many of the homes there but I am very attracted to a mudroom. I love all the detailed woodwork and I especially love cubbies and drawers. If you have a mudroom-style entryway, let’s look at an entryway bench with shoe storage.

Starting off with this beautiful minimalist design, here’s a mudroom that has an entryway bench with storage for shoes, coat hooks, and a floating shelf for other accessories like sunglasses and bags. You could even add shelving or other vessels for storage on the shelf for additional stowage.

Another mudroom-style entryway that I love is this split-style mudroom. I like that this space boasts two benches: one on each side with a couple of shelves in between. This would be great for a family that needs to share the space and have multiple bins of shoes and bags to store. It’s super functional and has a shallow shelf at the bottom of each bench, as well as coat hooks above. 

This narrow mudroom is a bit tight on space but that doesn’t mean it can’t have all the organization of a larger mudroom. This entryway has enough space for a full-sized bench with storage below, as well as coat hooks above. The drawers beneath keep shoes and other items organized but out of sight.

This mudroom of my dreams is probably more art than it is functional but I see a bench with storage and I think things can be functional and inspiringly beautiful. I love how the bench is under a window. The bench feels more like a window seat than an entryway bench with storage but that’s by design. This is a practical and gorgeous mudroom entryway. I love all the natural lighting this entryway receives

Another jaw-droppingly gorgeous mudroom entryway that has tons of storage to boot. I love the entryway bench that has drawers below for shoes. To the left is another bench with a row of baskets below for additional storage. Above the entryway bench is a row of cubbies for bags, purses, and other items you might need before heading out the door. 


In conclusion, entryway benches with storage are a great way to add extra seating and storage to your entryway. There are many options to choose from depending on the size and style of your entryway, from traditional benches with drawers for shoes and other items, mudroom-style split entryways, or even custom built-in benches. Whatever you choose, an entryway bench with storage will help keep your entryway looking neat and organized. 

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