Black Houses – Why We Love Them

Let’s talk about a growing trend that I love, BLACK HOUSES. They are trendy, and chic, and whenever I see one I’m awestruck. Maybe not for everyone, but black exteriors can be a bold and modern choice that makes any property stand out by creating amazingly unique curb appeal. You may wonder, why black houses are trending right now. The answer is simple, black houses have gained popularity over the years because they offer a chic and contemporary alternative to the traditional white house or other neutral colors. Today, we’re exploring the beauty and benefits of painting a home black, allowing it to present its best possible appearance. From farmhouses to modern black houses, black looks great on a variety of home exteriors! 

Different from the timeless classic of white houses and black trim, going ALL black is a bolder choice but it can totally pay off. You’ll want to first consider whether or not a black painted house fits with the style of your home. Fortunately, a black-painted house works well for a lot of different home architectural styles from farmhouse to contemporary. Black houses are a timeless look and often black paint is used to create the illusion of depth and texture. This can help to draw attention to an interesting architectural feature or highlight some aspects of your home’s exterior. Black also looks great when paired with lighter accents such as white window frames, and copper gutters, with wood tones. Painting a house black is an excellent choice if you want to create a modern and sophisticated look.

Black Painted Houses

10 Gorgeous Black House Ideas

When you’re looking to revamp your home’s exterior a new paint job is the best way to get a worthwhile transformation. A black paint job as a modern twist on classic architecture is the way to go. Dark paint can give any house an eye-catching and luxurious feel. Let’s explore some impressive examples of how sophisticated black houses can look!

Classic Black Ranch Home

I love this modern spin on a traditional, classic ranch home. Simply adding black paint to the home’s exterior you can take a cookie-cutter suburban home from basic to boldly beautiful. The gray brick softens the black just enough. Paired with a black roof and black trim, the entire home is a chic and modern take on a more traditional home style.

Black Painted Brick Row House

I imagine walking by this home and being totally stunned by its beauty. A traditional brick row home leveled up with black paint and black windows. I love the contrast between the black exterior and the red brick walkway. It’s a bold black look that is full of character and gives a modern appeal to a historical home.

Modern Black Cottage

Modern black painted house cottage with lush green landscaping
via MGPB

The cottage in your mind is probably not painted a bold black with bright white trim surrounded by lush greenery but there’s no doubt it works here. Perhaps the more classic cottage is a white one, this cottage radiates a stunning black hue, with an indisputable air of timelessness. There is a brilliant contrast between the black and bright white trim that adds a modern twist to this classic home style. 

Dapper Black Craftsman Style Home

The craftsman-style home lends itself really well to being painted black. Craftsman homes can vary in color. You’ll see blue, taupe, white, and even green-painted craftsman-style homes. More recently, you’ll even see black-painted craftsman-style homes like the one shown here. The rich depth of black looks great in contrast with the white trim. Not only does the dark, bold paint color draw attention to the architectural features of the home, but black is a timeless color that will never go out of style.

Black Painted Siding with Stone and White Trim

black painted siding white trim and stone facade
via Hickory Homes

This farmhouse ranch-style home has a busy exterior with black siding, a stone facade, white trim, and windows. Yet, the tones work together to create a cohesive feel. If you like the idea of a black house but are thinking it might be too dark, this is a great balance.  The black paint helps to give the home a modern update but it’s evened out with the bright white trim and the gray stone features.

A Contemporary Black Beauty

Perhaps when you think of modern black houses this is what comes to mind, a contemporary home with clean lines, and monochrome accents. These are all features of a gorgeously designed contemporary home and this black version is stunning. Paired with lush landscaping and a hint of warmth from the wood carport ceiling, a perfect balance is achieved. I think this home is a ten.

Black Craftsman Bungalow

This black craftsman-style bungalow is another excellent example of how black paint can completely transform a home. The black truly pops against the bright white trim, wood porch, and abundant greenery. Adding black paint doesn’t change the traditional style of this bungalow, it just enhances its architectural features and really makes an impact. This home exudes elegance and I’m not convinced it could be achieved with any other paint color than black.

(Almost) Black Out Two Story

The black-on-black paint house here is nearly completely blacked out except for the bright red door that immediately draws you in. For just a moment it might seem like too much black but then you take in all the elements, the landscape, the bright red door, and the wood garage pergola and you see the vision. A black-on-black house might seem daunting to most, but this two-story home proves it can be done and look stunning. 

Grand Black Houses

Aspect Design Build

Up to this point, the majority of the black houses we’ve seen have been on the smaller end but can black houses work for something on a grander scale? This charmer proves that it can. The big windows and the all-black accents on this two-story black house create a modern feel while still maintaining a feel of simplicity.

Modern Black Houses

modern black houses
via Copper Tree Homes

When black is used for modern houses the look can be truly remarkable. We’re seeing more and more black modern farmhouses and I’m here for it.  This home uses black siding and black trim to create a cohesive, modern look. Wood panels on the garage doors help to break up all the black but still give you an aesthetic that is undeniably contemporary. 

There are many ways black paint can elevate your home’s exterior design. Whether you choose to go for the trending all-black look or decide to add contrasting elements like white trim, black houses have a bold and timeless look that is attention-grabbing. Black paint on interiors and exteriors will add drama and elegance to any style of home. 

Best Black Paint Colors for Exteriors

Sherwin Williams Black Magic

sherwin williams black magic painted house
via Houzz

Sherwin Williams’s black magic is a dark, warm black paint color that has a true black undertone. It’s a neutral color that is excellent as an exterior black paint color. You can easily use Black Magic as a siding, brick, or trim color. It adds the perfect amount of drama.

Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black

sherwin williams tricorn black painted house
via Inch and Co

Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black is one of the most popular black paint colors. It’s neutral yet bold making a perfect contrast to a bright white but also an excellent exterior paint color. Sherwin Williams describes the color as a “trendy, never-boring black.” It’s classic, it’s timeless, and it’s a great pick for bold exteriors. Check out Tricorn Black on this garage. The matte black is so chic and classic.

Benjamin Moore Onyx

A deep and luxurious black paint color that makes for a gorgeously, rich in depth black house, Benjamin Moore Onyx is a perfect black paint color. This black exterior house paint creates a dramatic impact and adds an air of sophistication to your home’s exterior. 

Are Black Painted Houses Hot?
Yes, Black houses are hot. Black, obviously absorbs more light than lighter color homes so you’ll want to make sure you have good insulation and energy efficiency measures in place.

Wrapping Up the Convo on Black Houses

In conclusion,  black houses are a great way to make a statement with your home’s exterior design. With the right black paint color, you can create a modern and elegant-looking house that stands out in any neighborhood. So if you’re looking for something unique and sophisticated, explore black paint options for your home’s exterior.  You won’t be disappointed!

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