The Best Denim Shorts

Mom shorts are all the rage right now. I’m not exactly sure what comprises something as “mom shorts” but I did try on a bunch of denim shorts recently and discovered that my preference for denim shorts these days is the mom shorts. A few weeks ago I did a try on of what I found to be the best denim shorts over on Instagram. I figured this topic deserved a permanent spot on the blog. I have been looking for the perfect pair of denim shorts for the better half of two years. My criteria felt simple enough: long enough so my tush didn’t hang out the back, comfortable when sitting, and does not ride up when I walk. You would think I was asking for the impossible. I’m happy to report that I finally found the best denim shorts. Denim shorts that check all these boxes plus they’re stylish!

When I began my search this summer I ordered about a dozen pairs of shorts from several retailers. Of the twelve pairs I ordered, two were beyond my expectations and the third wasn’t as great as the two but they were worth keeping because I live in a hot climate and can wear denim shorts at least eight months out of the year. So let’s talk about each of them and what I like about them.

The Best Denim Shorts for Moms

Medium Wash Midrise Denim Shorts | These are the ones I liked but they aren’t my super favorites. They are the last ones I grab in the pile but they are still great shorts. They check all of the boxes I outlined above. They are a midrise pair of shorts – this works for me because I’m about 5’3 and the popular high-waisted shorts just cut my body in half, not flattering at all. I love the medium wash of these shorts and the length is perfect. They have a raw hem but they aren’t super destroyed or frayed.

Midrise Distressed Mom Shorts | These are my second favorite pair of denim shorts in the history of shorts. I’m still not sure I understand the “mom shorts” phenomenon but it’s real and my body was apparently made for it. Here’s what I like: they are a tad longer in the back which keeps the tush adequately covered. They are midrise, when I sit I can still breathe and feel comfortable. I think the distressing is the right amount to be on trend without trying to hard.

Midrise Medium Wash Boyfriend Shorts | These are my forever favorite pair of denim shorts. They are the first ones I pull from the pile every time. I love the way they fit. They are very flattering. I have bigger legs and typically that feature is accentuated by shorts because they leg holes aren’t wide enough. These make my legs look slimmer because they are wider in the legs. They are midrise like the others, a little longer in the back to properly cover the tush, and they are so flattering on my body type.

In each of these pairs, I ordered my normal size. I suggest reading the reviews and potentially ordering them in several sizes. I did order each of them one size smaller but ended up with my regular size because I like a more relaxed fit. If you are slimmer in the legs and waist, then going down a size or two would make sense.

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