Affordable Sconce Lighting – $100 or less

Adding the wall sconces to our living room was such a game-changer for me. Little hacks like this have been really important to make our rental feel more like ours. I spent hours scouring the internet looking for affordable sconces that would work for the rental lighting hack. You know I’m never selfish with my findings so I thought a post dedicated to affordable sconce lighting was in order.

Affordable Sconce Lighting

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The only criteria I had for selecting sconces for our living room were, they had to be brass and they had to be able to hide a puck light nicely. This pair of brass sconces was under $90 and came with linen-looking lampshades that were perfect for dropping in puck lights. All the sconce lights that I shared above would work perfectly for the rental light hack where the light doesn’t actually be hardwired to the wall. You can see this post for a tutorial on how to temporarily install a sconce.

I love the way the sconces look in our living room flanking either side of the artwork behind the sofa. I also love sconce lighting over bedside tables, in the hallway, and above bookshelves to name a few more places you add a little warmth to your home.

You can shop any of the sconces above plus a few more by clicking any of the images below!

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