Loft Bed Ideas for Low Ceiling Spaces

When dealing with small bedrooms, loft beds are often times the perfect solution. Think that loft beds are not for rooms with low ceilings. Think again, you absolutely can have a loft bed in a room with a low ceiling. The loft bed ideas for low ceiling bedrooms and other spaces shown here are a perfect choice to get the most out of your home.

By maximizing the vertical space in your room, loft beds can provide a comfortable sleeping area without taking up too much of that very valuable floor space and square footage. This makes them ideal for tight living quarters such as small apartments, dorm rooms, and other compact spaces. 

Finding loft bed ideas for low ceiling rooms can be challenging since most loft beds have high frames that require a certain minimum ceiling height to fit safely under them. While there is no minimum ceiling height for loft beds comfort is important you you certainly don’t want the top bed too close to the ceiling. 

It is commonly though that 8 feet is the minimum ceiling height for new construction homes. Most likely because that’s a common ceiling height in most homes and a desired design, but the minimum ceiling height is actually 7 feet according to the American National Standards Institute. For the purpose of this post a low ceiling refers to a ceiling that is 8 feet or lower. 8 feet is still a low ceiling for a loft bed. Loft beds can commonly be found in rooms with slanted ceilings, basements to attics. With the right decor low ceilings can make a space feel more intimate or cozy, but if not designed properly low ceilings can make a space feel cramped or dark.

What Is a Loft Bed?

I think we all know what a bunk bed is, they are basically two beds stacked on top of one another, allowing for two separate sleeping areas. Well, a loft bed is basically an bunk bed  that  is only the top sleeping area  which allows you to use the space underneath it for whatever you would like. Typically the space underneath the bed is used for a desk, storage, play area or a hangout are for older kids.

Loft Bed Ideas for Low Ceiling

Loft Bed Ideas for Low Ceiling: Storage Space

Loft Bed Ideas for Low Ceiling Spaces
Via Joseph Spierer Architects

This small sleeping area is a great way to maximize every square foot in your home. This homes sleeping area includes a desk and workstation, a wardrobe and tons of storage cabinets. The creative use of this space allows for a space that would typically just allow one of the functions now does all three and does them quite well.

Low Ceiling Loft Beds

While I think the photo shows a room with a ceiling much higher than 8 feet. This is a great example of a loft bed idea for a room with low ceiling and this idea could easily be done in such a room. The low lofts between the bottom bunk and the top is spacious enough for kids but probably wouldn’t be a enough headroom for teenagers or adults. This is a great low ceiling loft bed idea for any kid’s room.

Girls Room Low Ceiling Loft Bed Idea

Do you need to have two beds in a bedroom and not have to use twin or full size beds? This low ceiling loft bed idea is perfect for you. Instead of the typical desk or play area you typically see under a loft bed this interior designer added a queen size bed. This is an especially great idea if your kids have more than a 1 or 2 year age difference as it gives everyone the feeling of their own space.

Low Ceiling Loft Bed Idea

In this example the designer included 2 beds staggered one being a loft bed the other being a traditional style bed. The underside of the loft bed includes an area that allows for plenty of storage for toys and games.

Low Ceiling Loft Bed with Play House

This low ceiling bedroom is teeny tiny so a loft bed is almost required to make the space functional. This is a great way to truly maximize the space in your home. The underside of the loft bed has been made into a playhouse allowing the bedroom to perform multiple functions. If a traditional bed were to be placed into this room there would be no room for play. This is where style meet function. This idea is great if you do not have a dedicated playroom in your home.

Coastal Low Ceiling Loft Bed Idea

This loft bed idea for low ceiling is the first one included in this post that I could see adults using. This idea would be perfect for a beach house where extra sleeping areas are always needed. 

Low Ceiling Loft Bed with Slide

This is such a fun loft bed idea for low ceilings. What kid would not want to have this as their childhood bedroom? Maybe the hardest part of this idea would be to keep kids in bed instead of playing on their bed. This example proves that when it comes to loft bed ideas you are only limited by your imagination.

Cute Low Ceiling Loft Bed

This low ceiling loft bed idea is perhaps the most compact loft bed included in this post. The compact design make it perfect for just about any small bedroom. I love that the designer made the underside into a small play area where kids can hide and play.

Low Ceiling Multiple Loft Beds

This loft bed idea for low ceiling is the perfect loft bed configuration for an attic or basement. By staggering the loft beds and utilizing the manufactured space above the hallway this loft bed idea for low ceiling is great for any space but particularly one with a low ceiling.

Low Ceiling Floating Loft Bed Idea

This loft bed idea for low ceiling is modern and stylish. The suspended loft bed appears to be floating off the wall, but it is actually secured in place by a number of brackets on the back side of the loft bed. In this example the interior designer placed additional sleeping areas underneath  but you could easily adapt this low ceiling loft bed idea and place whatever you want underneath whether that’s storage or a working area.

Simple Loft Bed in a Low Ceiling Room

This loft bed idea for low ceiling is simple and understated. The loft bed and bed frame are minimal and does not take up much space in this small space. This design appears as though it could be an easy DIY project. If you do decide to DIY a loft bed just make to take all safety precautions and over build it to hold more weight than you need to.

Loft Bed Swapped

To close out this post I though I would share a truly unique idea. This is not technically a loft bed but it does serve the same purpose as a loft bed which is to save valuable floor space. This loft bed idea reverses a typical loft bed design and puts the low bunk on the lower level (similar to a traditional bed) and the top bunk is replaced with a play area or other design element. 

Pros & Cons of Low Ceiling Loft Beds

Pro: Loft beds are an amazing space-saving solution for any room. Instead of taking up valuable floor space, loft beds make use of the air above and allow you to enjoy more usage out of your limited area. Set up a study corner or recreational spot underneath, add extra storage cabinets or closets – the possibilities are endless!

Pro: If you’re looking for an effective solution to furnishing a small bedroom, then look no further than loft beds. They offer the perfect way of maximizing limited space and provide ample opportunity to use up any room underneath it. Loft beds are truly invaluable in a cramped space when there’s not enough floor area in which to maneuver around or fit extra furniture pieces into your bedroom.

Con: With a loft bed, the only way to climb in is typically by ladder. If your child has a fear of heights, the height issue may become problematic. Thankfully, most come with safety rails that run along its length so your child will be secure from any potential falls and injuries.

Con: Comforting your child at night can become difficult. Loft beds especially ones designed for kids are not adult friendly and may not even be rated to carry the weight of an adult. Even going up and down the often ladder can be difficult for some adults.

Con: Head space- it may be hard to find a loft bed that still allows plenty of space between the top of the mattress and the ceiling.

While you are in the mood for redesigning you space with a low ceiling take a look at this blog post on Low Ceiling Lighting Ideas I recently wrote its full of great ideas on how to illuminate a low ceiling space.

Loft Bed Ideas Conclusion

In closing loft beds are a great way and a good option to maximize the space in your studio apartment or small room with low ceilings. There are loft bed ideas for every design style and budget and there are endless possibilities when it comes to designing your loft bed area. Whether you go with a modern design , something with a low profile or a more traditional loft bed there is a perfect idea and design for everyone. Hopefully one of these Loft Bed Ideas for Low Ceiling inspired your next room makeover.

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