Colorful Rugs for a Playroom

I’ve told you about the game of musical rooms we’ve been playing for the last few months. The girls’ playroom is what once was Peighton’s room (pink walls and all). The playroom quickly became the dumping ground for all of the things. In the next few weeks, we’re making it over to add more function and feel more spacious. I also would love for it to be more bright and cheerful. One way to make the space feel more bright and cheerful (after I paint the walls white of course) is to throw down a big beautiful, colorful rug.

Colorful rugs for a playroom or any bright space!

Nine Playful and Colorful Rugs


one | two | three

four | five | six

seven | eight | nine

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I love each of these colorful rugs for a playroom or any happy little space. With white walls, a bright and colorful rug will pop and bring the attention to the rug. That’s exactly what I want. Initially, I was drawn to the blue and green striped rug. It’s the one I used in the mood board and you can’t beat the under $100 price tag. It best fits the coastal elements of our home while also still feeling playful enough for this space. I also love the bright rainbow rug and think it would make a great area rug for a play space. Honestly, I would love your feedback on which is your favorite! I’m going to order one this week!

Also, let me know if this type of post is helpful to you. Is there anything you are searching for to use in your own home? I’d love to help you with the hunt and share it here on the blog! Let me know in the comments 🙂

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