Vertical Shiplap Walls Not Just a Trend Anymore

This versatile design element has experienced a resurgence in popularity because of its ease of installation, the charm it adds to any room, and the unique personality it brings to your living spaces. Whether you’re a DIY’er like myself or simply considering a fresh new look for your home, vertical shiplap walls offer near endless design possibilities. From transforming an entire room to creating a striking shiplap half wall or accent wall, this trend provides a ton of design options for you to explore and create. Here we will review some of my personal favorite designs and offer inspiration to use in your very own home design or redesign.

Reasons to Choose Shiplap Walls

Vertical orientation offers a modern and stylish but beyond that why choose vertical over other more traditional wall coverings or even traditional horizontal shiplap? Here are a few reasons:


Using shiplap on your walls offers a durable and long-lasting design option for your home. The interlocking planks provide added strength to your walls, making them resistant to wear and tear, as well as being more resistant to minor dents and scratches than drywall. This makes vertical shiplap an ideal choice for high-traffic areas like hallways, entryways, and living rooms.

Easy DIY Installation

One of the best advantages of going vertical is the ease of installation. With a few basic tools and materials, you can achieve this design in just a weekend This makes it an ideal choice for those of you looking to renovate or update your home without the added expense of hiring professionals. There are plenty of online tutorials available so check them out and knock this project out.

Creates a Focal Point with an Accent Wall

Why not add some character to a room, consider creating a focal point with a vertical shiplap accent wall. This is an excellent way to highlight a particular area of your home and accent walls also make for great design.

Vertical vs. Horizontal Shiplap

Horizontal Shiplap

Traditional Look

The horizontal shiplap pattern is the more popular shiplap pattern and it’s what people think of when they think of shiplap. This style is what everyone knows and what everyone wants in their homes.

Widens the Room

Horizontal shiplap can make a room feel wider than it actually is. This style works best in your rooms that are long and narrow.

Here to Stay

Horizontal shiplap has been around for ages (or at least it feels that way) and it’s likely not going anywhere. It works with any home design style from farmhouse to modern which is why it has so much staying power.

Vertical Shiplap

Unique and Different

Vertical shiplap is a modern twist on the more traditional horizontal shiplap. It adds unique character and personality to your spaces, making it stand out from all the other homes with the more traditional shiplap pattern.

Heightens the Room

Just as horizontal shiplap widens a room, vertical shiplap heightens a room. As you are looking at this design your eyes naturally drift up. The vertical pattern works well in most spaces but particularly well in spaces with focal points that are up higher in the space such as ceiling beams, fireplaces or vaulted ceilings.

Gaining Popularity

While vertical isn’t as popular as horizontal, it is quickly gaining popularity and becoming a top trend in home design. Jump on the bandwagon now to stay ahead of the curve and be a trendsetter.

Vertical Shiplap Ideas and Inspiration

Now that we’ve discussed some of the reasons to choose vertical over horizontal, let’s explore some design ideas and inspiration for incorporating this trend into your home.

Vertical Shiplap Stair Landing

Love, love, love this stair landing idea. In this design, the vertical shiplap creates a stunning backdrop for the staircase and adds texture and dimension to a typically undesigned wall. This is an excellent example of how you can use vertical shiplap to add personality to any of your living spaces. The vaulted wood ceiling adds so much charm to this stair design.

Black Vertical Shiplap

For a truly bold and modern look, consider painting your shiplap black. This design idea adds depth and contrast to any space it’s in while still maintaining a clean and sleek appearance. Black shiplap can also create a striking accent wall when paired with lighter-colored furniture, linens, and other home decor items. I personally love the idea of putting a black accent wall in my home. I think I would use it in a bedroom like this design or perhaps a game room or even a den or family room.

Green Vertical Shiplap

Green vertical shiplap offers a unique and refreshing twist on this trend. The use of color adds an unexpected pop to the design, creating a vibrant and welcoming space. Thsi is a really well done accent wall, I love how the color coordinates nicely with the linens on the bed and contrasts with the rooms furniture. This idea is perfect for those wanting to add a bit of personality to their homes without being too over the top. I could see this design working well in a bathroom or laundry room as well.

Powder Blue Vertical Shiplap

Another unique color choice for your vertical shiplap walls is powder blue, which is a color I never in a million years thought I would consider, but this color is stunning in this bathroom. This delicate and calming tone adds a touch of rustic elegance while also creating a light and airy feel. I love how the color is used in this bathroom design, the combination of the powder blue shiplap, large bright white baseboards and rustic vanity give this design a sohhisticated grandma farmhouse vibe.

Natural Wood Vertical Shiplap

If you prefer a more natural or rustic look, consider leaving your vertical shiplap walls in their raw wood form or staining them using a wood stain. This adds warmth and texture to any space while still maintaining a neutral base and blank slate that can be easily paired with your existing decor style. Natural wood shiplap is also great for adding a touch of the outdoors into your home design.

Half Wall in Bathroom

Looking for a unique twist for your shiplap design, consider using it to create a half wall in your bathroom. This adds visual interest and texture without overwhelming the space. Adding a shelf or hooks above the shiplap can also provide practical storage and display options for your bathroom essentials. This idea is perfect for small bathrooms that need an extra touch of design and functionality. What I love most about this idea is that you get to paint the space with two primary colors. I like white shiplap and with this design you can paint the drywall above the half wall shiplap any color you like. I think nice light shades of blue, green, or gray like this interior designer used would look amazing when paired with bright white half wall vertical shiplap.

Vertical Shiplap on a Fireplace  

One of the most popular ways I have seen people vertical shiplap walls is on a fireplace. The customization options are limitless. You can choose to cover the entire fireplace wall with shiplap or create an accent above the mantel for a more subtle look. Consider painting your fireplace shiplap in a bold color to make a true focal point out of your fireplace shiplap.

Vertical Shiplap with Wallpaper

What to elevate your walls even more? Think about using wallpaper above your half wall of vertical shiplap.Wallpaper has come along way in the last 10 years or so. Its no longer just for 1990’s era homes. Matter of fact I have done a handful of projects with wallpaper in the last few years and am obcessed. I even have a tutorial on how to make traditional wallpaper into removable wallpaper which is perfect for serial renters or people who change their decor style frequently (also me). Looking for great removable wallpaper design check out this post on where to buy peel and stick removable wallpaper.

Shiplap Half Wall Bedroom

Here is another beautiful and unique vertical shiplap wall design used in this room with two beds. I never considered using half wall shiplap in a bedroom before but this design has me thinking about which room I could do this in. I love the long shelf above the shiplap, it’s a perfect spot for decor items or to display your childs favorite stuffies.

Bathroom Accent Wall

In addition to creating a half wall in your bathroom, you can also consider using vertical shiplap as an accent wall in your bathroom or any space in your home. This works well in both small and large rooms, adding texture and interest while ensuring the space feels open and airy. A fun twist on this idea is to use colored shiplap for the accent wall, creating a statement piece that ties together the accent wall and the decor of the rest of the room.

Vaulted Ceiling with Vertical Shiplap

One of the main reasons people use shiplap and designers love it is because it naturally draws the eye upward. But, what if you already have a feature that does that in vaulted ceilings? I say still go for it and I think this design proves that it can still be accomplished successfully. I may have unintentionally saved the best for last with this design. I love the different wood tones in the fireplace mantle and ceiling beams. I love the ceiling shiplap, pretty much everything about this design is executed perfectly.

Wrapping up Vertical Shiplap Walls

As you can see, there are so many ways to incorporate shiplap into your home design. Whether you choose to use it as an accent wall, a half wall, or even on your fireplace, this trend is versatile and adds charm and character to any space it’s used in. With its ease of installation and wide range of design options, it’s no wonder vertical shiplap walls have become so popular lately. So next time you are looking for a unique and creative way to up your home’s interior design consider going vertical.

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