Daybed Ideas: Stylish and Comfortable Sleeping Spots

When I was a little girl I dreamed of having a daybed because they could be so many things. I imagined it as a sofa, as a bed, and with a trundle – the ultimate sleepover situation. As an adult, I still celebrate daybed ideas for all those reasons and more. Daybeds are versatile pieces and I especially love them in a home office. You can easily combine an office and guest room by adding a daybed and it won’t look obvious or forced. Daybeds are modern and stylish, but they also provide a comfortable sleeping space without taking up too much floor space. And the best part, you can totally customize the look of your daybed home office by adding extra pillows and cushions for a cozy daybed couch. Whatever your style, you can easily incorporate a daybed for design and function. In this post, we’ll discuss the functionality of daybeds, talk about ideal spaces for daybeds, and take a look at inspiration spaces that are completely elevated with daybed design.

cozy daybed ideas for small spaces

Why Use a Daybed? 

A daybed is a great choice if you have limited space and need a couch, or maybe a bit of extra sleeping space. It can be used for both seating and sleeping, making it versatile for different purposes. For example, in an office setting the daybed can be used as a cozy spot to get away from the computer desk or take a quick nap. Or if you need to accommodate guests, the daybed can be used as an extra bed. Some daybeds even have the trundle bed option below the bed itself for even more sleeping options. Generally, a daybed is a great way to spruce up any room with its modern appeal and design. 

Elements of a Daybed to Consider


The most important thing to consider when selecting a daybed is comfort. Whether you’re using it as a sofa or as a bed or as a hybrid of the two you want a comfy mattress that is good for both lounging and sleeping. Additionally, lots of large pillows and cushions create another layer of comfort to a daybed. If you are using the daybed as a sofa you’ll want lots of pillows for back support.

Storage Space

If you are using a daybed in a small space or in an office you may want to consider a piece of furniture with extra storage. Adding in storage space like drawers or bins and baskets underneath a daybed is a great option for smaller rooms.

Design Elements

Whether it’s a canopy, lots of pillows and throw blankets, adding texture, or any other items that may contribute to making the daybed a focal point of the room, adding stylish elements to the daybed, give the space a stylish look while maintaining practical use of the space. 

Ideal Spaces for Daybeds 

Daybeds are perfect for smaller spaces like lofts or studios where it might not make sense to have a full-sized bed. In your office, daybeds also provide extra seating and can be used as a seating area for yourself or guests. Or if you have an extra room or nook in the house that isn’t quite big enough to fit a bed, like a den, reading nook, or a loft space, consider adding a daybed. Daybeds are also great for bedrooms, like smaller a kid’s bedroom or guest bedrooms. 

Stunning Daybed Ideas

You can really take your small space to the next level by adding a daybed. Whether it’s in a home office, kid’s bedroom, a den, or a reading nook, daybeds are functional and beautiful pieces of furniture that upgrade any space! Let’s take a look at some really well-done daybed design ideas!

Daybeds are great for small, multi-functional spaces like a home office – guest room combination. This room is the perfect example of that. The built-in daybed functions as a sofa seating area when not used as a bed. It has built-in storage beneath which removes the need for additional furniture pieces like a chest or a dresser. I also love the addition of a curtain here for privacy when this space is being used for sleeping guests. Since the bed is tucked away nicely along the wall there is plenty of space here for a desk under the large window.

We see a lot of day beds in traditional design but once we venture out we may see fewer and fewer daybed options. I wanted to include this beautifully designed space because it’s not a typical daybed. It’s got a luxury feel with the tone-on-tone colorway, high canopy, and gorgeously textured pillow.

I love the look of this daybed. It has the feel of an oversized sofa with an abundance of pillows including the bolster pillows on either side. Additionally, the daybed is centered between two bookshelves that create beautiful symmetry. This space is perfectly designed for a home office/guest room combo.

All my coastal-loving design dreams have come true with this gorgeous daybed drenched in natural sunlight! I love the upholstered bed in this little den area. I like that it defines a space that might otherwise be wasted. It’s perfect for snuggling up with a book, lounging and chatting with friends, or even a place for guests to rest. A great addition to any home, it instantly adds a touch of beachside charm. The best part? Its neutral color palette makes it effortlessly stylish and completely versatile.

My childhood dream bedroom involves a daybed with a trundle and this is what we have here. The perfect daybed with a plump and cozy mattress that looks so luxurious. The large pillows are situated in a way that makes this bed perfect for lounging or sleeping.

Here is a perfect example of a compact office with a daybed. Without a lot of square footage you can maximize your space that doubles as an office and a guest room by adding a daybed. This cane daybed frame looks more like a sofa than a bed which makes it a great addition to an office space.

Another home office daybed idea is something like this daybed lounger. Smaller than what you traditional think of when you think of a daybed but still could easily function as a space for lounging or sleeping if you had to.

Wrapping Up Daybed Ideas

No matter how you decide to use your daybed, it’s sure to be a great addition to any nook, bedroom, or home office space that needs some extra seating and sleeping options. With modern design and versatile functions, these daybed ideas are sure to bring a unique and inviting feel to your home. So, why not explore the possibilities of daybeds? You won’t regret it!

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