Decorating the Girls Room for Christmas

Decorating the girls’ room for Christmas was beyond fun. Sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of what holiday decorating is all about when you are busy trying to make everything look perfect. I have to be honest and tell you that last year my heart sort of ached a little as I was decorating the tree all by myself, trying to get the tree just perfect with no ornament out of place. Sometimes perfect isn’t what’s best. This year, I found a happy medium when the girls’ decided they wanted their own tree. I was happy to oblige. We got a real tree that fits perfectly on their dresser and they decorated it to their personal taste and I don’t believe it could be more beautiful. This whole thing opened my eyes to what decorating for the holidays is supposed to be about. One day my girls will be big and won’t be interested in helping me decorate a tree, so we better savor these memories.

Anyway, here is their sweet room all decorated for Christmas. I’ve included sources at the bottom of the post!

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  1. I adore your little girls room…I’m hoping I will have a granddaughter someday. I have four uncles, four brothers & two sons…
    I love your stockings hanging on the bed…wwould you be willing to share where you were able to get them…
    Thank you in advance and Merry Christmas ?

  2. Okay – THIS IS BEAUTIFUL! I don’t even have kids, but I’m over here wondering if I can sleep on that gorgeous room. They are the luckiest to have such a fun and creative mama like you 🙂 Also – I love that you can see your reflection in the one pink bulb. 🙂

  3. Some of my decorations I’ve had since 1980 and it’s like seeing old friends again as the tissue paper is peeled away. Decorations made by children long ago hang next to decorations made by their children.
    A designer tree might look stunning but it can never hold the wealth of memories that a family tree holds, my beloved died 10 years ago yet each Christmas he’s by my side as I lift out the precious memories.
    The boxes that store the decorations on have where we spent Christmas and who with written on them too.
    My tip for a Family tradition would be that you make the whole thing about family and sharing not about perfection and blog sharing. Break the mould Chelsea, make it about being real.
    Have a beautiful, happy family time in sun or snow, best wishes to you all ~ Lucy

    1. Hi Lucy, your comment was so touching to me. I feel similarly when I bring out those keepsake ornaments from my childhood or the ones that my daughters have made. So precious. I also love your tip for family tradition and keeping the holidays focused on family! That is absolutely what I strive to do. One of the reasons why I don’t mind decorating wayyyy in advance (for the blog) is so that I can focus on soaking in everything this season has to offer. Merry Christmas to you, Lucy! Warmest wishes!

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