The Best Christmas Puzzles for Families

My number one thing to do during that time when everyone is home over the holiday is puzzles. Matt and I especially love 1000 piece puzzles and will usually have a card table up the entire two weeks from when my kids get of school until New Years. We work our way through our puzzle collection (we usually buy a few here and there throughout the year). My favorite puzzles are the Christmas and wintery scene ones. Nothing says Christmastime to me like a cup of hot cocoa and puzzle. This curated list of puzzles is great for you and your family but I also think that these puzzles make excellent gifts for the homebody, or anyone on your list who feels a little tricky to buy for.

Christmas puzzles
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What I love about puzzles

Puzzles are a great way to connect with family. Matt and I usually sit down and spend hours at a time working together on a puzzle, talking about life and making plans. The girls usually pop in adding a piece here or there. I love that they get to see us working together on something. I also appreciate that with puzzles you don’t have to commit to sitting down for a certain time period. You can puzzle for a bit, walk away, and come back later. Sometimes we complete a puzzle in a day, sometimes in a few days.

What I love about this list of puzzles is that they are really beautiful pieces of art. I’m super particular about the type of puzzles we do. I only like scenes/landscape type puzzles. The puzzle with a million cats is never going to be my jam but give me a pretty Christmas scene with snowy tree branches and I’m all over it. All ten of these are that for me. Each of them make me want to jump right into them and feel the magic of the holidays.

Matt and I have always loved puzzles. I remember getting really into them during Covid when we were all bored and stuck at home, yet, even before then we enjoyed doing puzzles together during the holidays.

Some of my favorite places to find puzzles

When we lived stateside I loved to peruse the puzzle section of Target and Barnes & Noble. Now that we live in Japan I primarily shop for puzzles online. Matt find a great deal of puzzles on Ebay as well.

What type of family are you? Puzzles or board games? We love both but I find myself gravitating towards puzzles during the holidays!

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