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Windows are essential for beautifying our homes and buildings, bringing in light from the outdoors and imparting views of the exterior world. Unfortunately, windows can also be a source of energy loss unless properly trimmed. Interior window trim serves multiple functions – adding visual appeal, blocking out drafts or water damage, as well as providing a bridge between window frames and the surrounding walls. In this blog post we’ll explore different types of window trims to choose from; their materials; why they’re necessary; how to pick the correct window trim and of course explore plenty of window trim ideas and inspiration.

Necessity of Window Trim

Window trim is an essential component of any home, as it not only provides a sleek and polished look to your windows but also helps protect them against the elements. Additionally, window trim adds a touch of cohesion between walls and windows by creating visual continuity throughout spaces. In short, with window trims numerous advantages, you definitely don’t want to forget this important detail

How to Choose Window Trim

Choosing the right window trim for your home depends on a number of factors. The first thing to consider is the style and type of your home. If you have a traditional or historic home, you would want to choose a window trim that complements the architecture of your home. Alternatively, if you have a modern home, you may want to choose a trim style that is simple and clean to complement your home style. Additionally, you should consider the material of the trim, the color, and any additional features, such as decorative moldings or room accents.


Window trim can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, vinyl, metal, and composite materials. Wood is a popular choice for traditional homes because it can be stained or painted to match the home’s existing woodwork. Vinyl is a budget friendly and low-maintenance option that is easy to clean and resistant to water damage. Composite materials, such as PVC, are also popular options for their durability and low maintenance.

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Purpose of Window Trim

The purpose of window trim is multifaceted. As mentioned previously, it helps to create a finished look for windows, seal the window against drafts and water damage, and helps create a transition between the window and the surrounding wall. Additionally, interior window trim can be used to add visual interest to a room or highlight certain architectural features of your home. For example, a large bay window can be highlighted with decorative trim to draw the eye to this feature.

Types of Window Trim

Window trim comes in many different styles and designs. Some of the most popular types of window trim include:


Colonial window trim is one of the most popular styles and features a simple, elegant design that is often used in traditional homes.


Craftsman window trim is a more intricate design that features a mix of geometric shapes and detailed millwork. This style is often used in bungalows and other Arts and Crafts-style homes.


Smooth and long sloping transitions and a low profile, compared to other interior window trim options highlight the ranch window trim style.


Curved sections and soft lines help to create the provincial window trim style. Provincial trim is my absolute favorite and I have used it extensively throughout my previous homes.

Window Trim Ideas

Matching Window Trim

Matching window trim is a popular choice for many homes, as it helps to create continuity between the window trim and the rest of the space. Choose a color that complements your wall color or the existing woodwork in your home. This homeowner decided to match their window trim to the large built-ins that are located adjacent to the window. This allows the room to feel cohesive and adds to the visual interest in the space.

Coordinating Window Trim

Instead of matching furniture, this homeowner coordinated their window trim to the crown molding helping to ensure the space has one cohesive look and really bringing the room together. I absolutely love how the designer painted the crown molding and trim a creamier white than the wall color. White paint colors that would look beautiful when used like this include Behr Whisper White and Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace

Top and Bottom

This homeowner wanted to add some visual interest to their windows but was constrained by space but that didn’t stop them from adding this unique window trim. This is a nontraditional but beautiful look and would look amazing in just about any space. Not just ones constrained by space on the vertical edges.


If you have a window particularly one in a kitchen or bathroom then this is a great option to consider. This homeowner used tile as their kitchen backsplash and decided to bring that design element to the window trim. They gave the trim a little pop by using a different color subway tile. 

Traditional Craftsman

Craftsman window trim is a great choice for traditional or farmhouse style homes. The craftsman style window trim refers to a specific look. While this trim style has no defined look it always involves flat trim pieces and the horizontal boards almost always overhang the vertical trim pieces. There is also usually a window ledge with craftsman trim.

Simple Trim

This window trim reminds me of a picture frame and I think that’s what they were going for when they designed this window trim. This is one of the better minimalist window trim ideas out there.

Thin Wood

Here is another example of minimalist window trim. This homeowner took materials that wouldn’t traditionally be used as window trim and used them to frame a small window above the kitchen sink. I like this window trim idea because there is so much you could do with the color of the trim. You could use a gray wood stain or a blue wood stain or paint it some contrasting or coordinating color. Since there is not much trim it would be a nice touch of color in this small space.

Contrasting Trim

This homeowner painted their interior window trim in a bold contrasting color. I think this colorful trim looks fantastic and would work with any shade of color. 

Black Window Trim

Black window trim is a great way to add contrast and texture to your window. This homeowner chose black as the color for their window trim ideas and it helps to create an interesting look in this bright and small space. 

Wood Window Trim

This homeowner chose to use natural wood trim for their window trim. The warm wood tones add a cozy feel to the space and it looks great against the white countertops and white cabinets in this kitchen design.

Arched Window Trim

Window trim is not just for square windows this arched window trim is beautiful and truly makes this bedroom window pop. Arched window trim may take a contractor to apply as it can be tricky to get the material to bend in the arch shape but it can definitely be worth the expense.

Unique Window Trim

This unique window trim is truly something I have never seen before and is probably my favorite of the window trims covered in this blog post. The little trim pieces that extend above the horizontal boards are pretty unique and add tons of visual interest to this space. I am not sure I would add this trim to a living space as I usually prefer clean lines in those areas. But, this would be great in a bedroom or other non-living space.


Rosette window trim is a great twist on the classic and traditional craftsman window trim. This simple window trim is all about the details and I love how the rosettes give it that extra bit of detail. Rosettes add a nice decorative element in a place where none usually exists and are a really nice touch. 

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is such a great material for window trim and this example shows us why. The rustic look of the reclaimed wood adds tons of character to the room and really ties in with the other natural elements in the space. 

Window Trim Ideas Conclusion

These are just some Window Trim Ideas to get you started but there are so many more out there! Window trim can truly transform your space and add character so don’t be afraid to try something new! Window trim also helps to make your window stand out from the rest of the room and makes it a bit more special. So, have fun experimenting with different ideas until you find something that you love!

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