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DIY Oversized Wall Art

Hi friends! This isn’t a new DIY but it is one that I get emails about quite frequently so I thought I would share it. DIY oversized wall art – an oldie but a goodie for your Tuesday đŸ™‚

DIY oversized wall art

In our old house, we had a huge blank space above our sofa which felt even bigger because my old sofa was equally as huge. I toyed around with the idea of creating an above the couch gallery wall sort of thing and even tried it a few times but it never looked quite right. I finally settled on the idea of hanging some oversized wall art behind the sofa. I shopped around a bit but I never found anything perfect for the huge blank wall so I made up my mind to make something myself.

End Table Styling - Rustic Charm Ideas

I went to The Home Depot, bought a few supplies, and busted out my all time favorite DIY – oversized wall art made from plywood.

My favorite Space-9

It’s almost been a year since the DIY oversized wall art mission began and they have held up so well. I’m so happy I went with plywood instead of making something more traditional that had to be framed. These made it through the move without a scratch and were the first things up on the wall in our new house.
My favorite Space

Besides looking really great, they were super inexpensive to create. I was able to make them for just about $10 each! You guys! That’s a steal for 20×40 wall art!

If you’re interested in making your own oversized wall art – here’s an updated project you might enjoy: DIY Oversized Canvas Painting.

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  2. This is such a great idea and I love the way it looks. Sometimes gallery walls can seem a little cluttered but this makes a statement without being overwhelming ~ decorating perfection!

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  5. On the list of items needed it says spray paint but in the step by steps you’re using actual gold paint ? Am I missing something ? I’m confused I already stained the wood & im ready to add the gold… please clarify for me

    1. Hi Mayra – glad you are giving this project a go! You’re right, I did not use spray paint – I used a metallic gold paint and used a sponge brush but you can probably use spray paint for a much quicker job. I’m not sure if the paint I used is still carried at THD (that may be why they replaced it in the supply list with spray paint).

      1. Another question we have completed the diy ! I’m so in love with them however they seem to be getting crooked from the bottom right corner I don’t know how to
        Explain it.. They’re already hung up on the wall & everything … Any idea why this would be happening ? I would love to show some pictures maybe you could help me !! Please !!!

        1. hey Mayra, can you email me a picture so I can get a better idea of what you’re talking about? chelsea[at]makinghomebase[dot]com.

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  8. I’ve been looking for artwork for my new house for ages, but it’s all so expensive and we have a wedding to pay for! My hubby-to-be is very handy with making things, so I’ll be using your tutorial to create some nice art for our home.

    Thanks for sharing, they look lovely!

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  11. Thank you so much for the tutorial!! These were so easy to make and make such a huge statement. I had been looking for something to put on my walls for a long time and i was able to make them for a little over $20!!!!??

  12. I absolutely love this idea and have been having the same issue with the wall space in our living room! I clicked the link to the Home Depot blog but it doesn’t seem to be there anymore. Do you happen to have the tutorial anywhere else by chance? Thank you!

  13. Hi, these are great…looking for something for a house I’m helping to stage. How do you hang your plywood?

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        1. Hi Patty – I searched around and didn’t see it anywhere else. It looks like they’ve removed their blog. This post was in collaboration with The Home Depot and that post was on their blog. I’m sorry.

  19. I think that I can do it without the tutorial. Do you have any advice for the stain not to “bleed” under the tape?

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  21. Hi your home depot link is no longer available!

    Are you able to share a working link – this would be so fun to make.

  22. I love this so much and think it’d be great on our large wall above our couch! I am trying to find the directions for this one, but I don’t see them. Am I missing something?