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DIY Framed Canvas

I’m so excited to join some of my best blog friends for a unique blog hop that we’re calling “Back to the Basics.” We want to get back to our roots and share some easy DIYs that anyone can do. We want to inspire you to create! Once a month, we’ll be sharing our latest “basic” creations that require only the basic tools. If you’re hopping over from Rain on a Tin Roof I’m sure by now put “build bathtub tray” on your to-do list because it’s so good and so simple to make! If you have any unframed canvas artwork pieces in your home, you’ll enjoy this easy DIY tutorial to create a frame for any size canvas.

DIY Framed Canvas – how to build a frame around your canvas prints.

I absolutely love this canvas print I purchased from Brynn Casey Art last year. I bought it unframed with the intention of framing it myself down the road. It hung on our wall for months before I finally framed it. As soon I took the time to build the frame, I regretted waiting so long. The frame is built to be just a tiny hair larger than the frame so it fits in snugly. The artwork is not attached to the frame in anyway, as not to damage the work. Here’s how to make your own.

Supplies You’ll Need:
1×2 (length will depend on the size of your canvas) Select Pine
Tape Measure
Miter Saw or Miter Box with Hand Saw
Wood Glue
Nail Gun (or hammer and finishing nails)

Tutorial Directions:
Measure your canvas adding a hair to the length of each side (approximately 1/16″). You’ll cut your wood according to those measurements. Measure and mark your wood accordingly. Using a miter saw, you’ll make 45° angled cuts (the length you measured will be the shorter end or the bottom).

Once you’ve made your cuts. Your wood should fit together like a perfect little frame puzzle.

Using wood glue, secure the pieces of your frame together. I find the easiest way to do this is one corner at a time using clamps. Once one corner was dry, I moved onto the next.

Once the frame was all glued together, I secured those corners with finishing nails.
At this point, you may want to stain your frame. I left my frame unstained, just adding some clear wax to the frame.

The last step is to gently fit your canvas into the frame.

You can pin the image below to save this tutorial for later!

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  2. It’s gorgeous, Chelsea! It’s such a great idea and totally elevates any piece of art. I’m definitely doing this!
    Hugs, Jamie