Duck Tape Tassels for Easy Backpack Personalization!

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My baby started preschool. Seriously, I have no clue where the last three years went because she was just born. Two things have totally saved me from crawling into a ball and crying like a baby. One – there’s a drive thru coffee shop right around the corner from the school (hi – decaf iced coffee + pastry to myself) and the reappearance of the afternoon nap! Preschool is obviously exhausting.

Easy Duck Tape Tassels

The first day of preschool was amazing. I was completely prepared, had lunch packed and ready to go until I realized that the mini’s backpack was completely MIA. I didn’t think too much of it – shoved all of her stuff in a tote bag and we headed out. Then the questions started. Where is my backpack? Once we arrived at school and every other three year old had backpacks, I realized I had totally failed. When I picked her up, her teacher even said, “she had a great day but she was really confused as to why she didn’t have a backpack.” Okay point taken, find the backpack, and I did. Day two was so much more successful with the backpack 🙂

With the backpack recovered, I wanted to add a little something to it to make it a bit more identifiable. I have her name on the inside of the pack but for quick grabs – I wanted something that would be easy to notice, and hello tassels! How fun are they?

Duck Tape Backpack Tassels

My friends at Duck Tape sent over a few rolls of their printed and color Duck Tape which is seriously fun stuff. They’ve got over 200 prints and colors so if you’ve got a project, I bet they have a roll of tape for it. On the second day of preschool I went on a tassel making binge; trying out all of the colors, my favorite was the pink. You can imagine how much fun it would be to personalize your kiddos school supplies with the different colors and prints. It’s a huge plus that it’s a clean and easy crafting tool zero glue/paint/you know the messy stuff – which makes it great for involving the kiddos.

Duck Tape crafts - bag tassels

Creating the tassels is actually super easy. Simply, cut two equal pieces of tape about 10 inches long and stick them together, sticky side to sticky side so you have a piece of Duck Tape paper basically. Then, lay your tape out so the longest side is horizontal. Use scissors to cut fringe about 3/4 of the way up the tape, cutting about ever 1/8 of an inch. You can totally eyeball this – it doesn’t have to be exact. Next, tightly roll the tape. I added a loop at this point for easy hanging onto the backpack. To do this, I rolled the tassel fringe a bit less than half way – used a piece of tape that I had folded in half, and taped it to inside of the fringe roll. Then I kept rolling, just before completely the fringe roll, I took the other side of the loop and taped it to the inside of the fringe roll – creating a loop. I secured the tassel by using a small piece of tape to go all around the top edge (the side without the slits).

DIY Duck Tape tassels


Duck Tape Tassels

Duck Tape tassels! I pretty much think they are the cutest thing and would be great for anything from backpacks to key chains!

Backpack tassels

I love that it gives my girl a little something extra on her backpack. I totally think I made up for forgetting the backpack on the first day!

For more great ideas on back to school crafting check out Duck Tape on the School Craft board on Pinterest, TwitterInstagram. You can also Find Duck Tape here!

What kind of fun projects could you pull off with Duck Tape?

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