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An alternative title to this post was “Tell me you want what you really really want.” Guys! Wannabe is 18 years old – did you see that?? I remember vividly sitting in my closet with boombox listening to that song on repeat daily. Ha.

But, seriously.

Summer Home Tour11

Do you ever ask your spouse what they want for dinner? I was thinking about this a few days ago. Matt never knows what’s going on for dinner. He comes home. We talk about our days. He plays with our daughter while I cook a meal. The man never has any clue what we are actually having for dinner until it’s on the table. He’s always so surprised, like oohhhh enchiladas! It’s so funny to me. I’m such a control freak that would never work for me but he is so laid back that he doesn’t even care what’s for dinner as long as he eats.

This weekend I got a chance to do some blog soul searching. I realized, that’s kind of how I’ve been treating the blog. I make and you read and I rarely ask what YOU want. What makes a blog valuable to you? What keeps you coming back to MHB?

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Every single day I’m surprised and honored that so many of you show up and visit here. I’m grateful that you find this blog interesting enjoy to subscribe, even! When I started this blog almost three years ago, I read a ton about blogging – one tip that was consistent was if you have good content then the readers will come. It was kind of like the Field of Dreams from there on out. I was building this blog, post by post, hoping that one day you would come and then you did and now I want you to stick with me forever. Like forever 🙂

Summer Home Tour7

So, what can I do to improve? Perhaps you like it when I round up my favorite throw pillows (haven’t done that in awhile), or maybe you like the real life stuff (or maybe you don’t), maybe you have a suggestion for something you’ve never seen here before. I’m all ears guys – so please, comment and tell me what YOU want. What do readers want in a blog? Or if commenting isn’t your thing, shoot me an email chelsea (at) makinghomebase (dot) com.

On another note – are you guys on Periscope? I’m the same as Instagram @makinghomebase. I’m just getting my feet wet and by that I mean I haven’t had the guts to post a video but I am watching a ton of them. I contemplated doing a real life home tour of my downstairs last night as I was washing my WHITE slipcover because it was drenched in chocolate milk. For those curious about that white slipcover + three year old situation – that pretty much sums it up.

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  1. what i am interested in is that last little part…how do we make this ‘beautiful home’ work with kids. i also have a white slipcovered couch that seems to ALWAYS have a new spot on it. it drives me insane. but my thought process was ‘small living room needs bright furniture but a slipcovered one will be perfect since i can wash it’. and now i have to wash it like, every other day.

    also, the toys. it’s like toys-r-us threw up in my living room. and i buy furniture that can also double as storage but there are always toys peeking out of something. any suggestions??

  2. I love how you make you home beautiful with a little one! What do you do to teach her how to not bang and or play with decor lying around? We had to remove our coffee table because she kept on banging on it lol. Also you make the homes on base look absolutely beautiful. I never lived in one, but I hear that it can be hard to decorate at times.