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Mirror Over Fireplace – Design Tips and Ideas

Placing a mirror above a fireplace can be a great way to enhance the visual appeal and overall design of a room. A well-placed mirror can create a sense of depth, add light, make a space feel larger and even more homier. However, there are some simple tips and design do’s and dont’s to keep in mind when designing with a mirror over a fireplace. We will also take a look at some mirror fireplace design inspiration to help you get started.

Mirror Fireplace Design Tips

Here are a few things to consider before placing a mirror above a fireplace in your home.

Do’s of Placing a Mirror Above Fireplace

Consider the size of the mirror

When choosing a mirror to place above your fireplace, consider the size and scale of the mirror in relation to the fireplace mantel and the room as a whole. A large mirror can make a dramatic statement and add visual interest, but the fireplace mirror should not be so large as to take over the room. On the other hand, a mirror that is to small for your fireplace mantel may look out of place and not have the impact on the overall design you were hoping for.

Think about the placement of the mirror

The placement of the mirror is a crucial thing to consider for a cohesive and visually appealing design. It should be centered above the fireplace and be at an appropriate height for the room. Ideally, the bottom edge of the mirrors frame should be at eye level, creating an appealing focal point in the room without being distracting to passersby. Ideally you would keep the mirror visible from the doorway and entryway to ensure you capture the best benefit of mirror which is they give you the illusion of space.

Match the style of the mirror with the room

The style of the mirror you choose should complement the overall decor style of the space. If you have coastal decor in a room, a classic, ornate fireplace mirror may not be the greatest design choice. Where as a room with a modern design may benefit from a sleek, frameless mirror above the fireplace. Consider the colors, materials used and the shape of the mirror you are considering placing in the room and choose and make sure the mirror complements the rest of the furniture and decor of the room.

Do: Use the mirror to reflect light

One of the most significant benefits of using mirrors in design is the way it reflects light. This can brighten the room and create a sense of space. Place the mirror to reflect natural light that comes from windows or doors or artificial light that comes from light fixtures, amplifying the lighting sources impact on the room. 

Consider layering:

Layering a mirror design is a popular technique used by homeowners and interior designers to add depth and interest to a room. This technique involves layering mirrors or multiple decor items on top of each other in a way that creates a unique and eye-catching design. The items you can use when layering a fireplace mirror can be anything from candle sticks, to knickknacks to other mirrors large or small. The possibilities are truly limitless when it comes to layering mirrors especially mirrors above a fireplace.

Mirror Above Fireplace Graphic

Dont’s of a Mirror Fireplace

Use a mirror that is too small or too large

As mentioned earlier, the size of the mirror is crucial. A mirror that is too small will look out of place and not add much visual interest to the room. On the other hand, a mirror that is too large can overpower the space, making it feel cramped and uncomfortable.

Choose a mirror that clashes with the decor

A mirror that clashes with your homes decor can throw off the entire room’s aesthetic. Consider the colors and patterns in the room and choose a mirror that fits in nicely with them. If you have a lot of patterned fabric or wallpaper, choose a simple mirror with a plain neutral colored mirror frame. If the room is mainly neutral, consider a mirror with a bold frame and use the fireplace mirror as an opportunity to add in a bold color.

Ignore the reflection

When placing a mirror over a fireplace, be aware of what it will reflect. If the mirror reflects an unappealing view or a cluttered area of the room, it may be better to choose a different location or not use a mirror at all. Also consider the light sources in the room. The reflection from natural light and artificial light can make utilizing the space difficult.

Now that we are familiar with the do’s and fonts of designing with a mirror over the fireplace. lets take a look at some design inspiration.

Mirror Above Fireplace Ideas and Inspiration

Hanging Mirror Over Fireplace no Mantle

A great way to add visual interest to a room without a fireplace mantle is by hanging a large mirror above the mantel. Choose a frame that matches your homes decor and emphasize it’s size by selecting one with an ornate frame or interesting mirror shapes.

Round Hanging Mirror Over Mantle

When you have a fireplace mantle, make sure the mirror fits in nicely with your design scheme. It can be framed differently from the rest of the decorations on the mantel, such as choosing something more modern when there are traditional pieces on placed on the mantle. 

Mirror Over Stone Fireplace

Mirror fireplaces look especially beautiful when paired with a stone fireplace. The contrast between the two materials creates an interesting visual effect and can make your fireplace design stand out and make it a focal point in the space. Consider using a round or oval mirror to further emphasize the unique shape of a stone fireplace. 

Leaning Mirror Over Fireplace

Leaning a mirror against the wall on the mantle is another great way to add visual interest without having to hang anything on the wall, this is a perfect idea if you like to change out your decor seasonally. Use an oversized mirror for maximum impact or select something with an unique outer frame or pattern for something that will stand out amongst the other decor pieces in your home. 

Layered Fireplace Mirror

Consider layering a mirror with other decor items for a unique look. This technique can add depth and visual interest to the room, while still maintaining a cohesive design scheme. Choose different sized items and items with various shapes and place them in an interesting pattern above the fireplace. Layering mirror fireplaces are a great way to change up the look of your space without doing any major renovations or redecorating.

Tall Mirror Over Fireplace

For a dramatic effect, consider hanging a tall mirror above your fireplace. This will draw the eye up and make it seem like the room is larger than it actually is. Choose an interesting frame or color to make sure the mirror stands out from all of the other decor pieces in the space. This is a perfect idea for a space with high ceilings.

Multiple Mirrors Over Fireplace 

multiple mirrors hanging in living room
Via Gnome Architects

For a truly unique look, create a statement above your fireplace by using a cluster of smaller mirrors. You can lean or hang several smaller mirrors of different shapes or sizes over the mantle to create an interesting pattern, or opt for one large mirror with multiple frames in various colors and textures. This will create a stunning visual effect and create an amazing focal point in your living room.

Large Fireplace Mirror

Large living room mirror
Via Luce Interior Design

If you are looking for a truly transformative design element, consider adding a large fireplace mirror. This will create the illusion of more space and light in the room while bringing all of your decor together. Large mirrors can be tricky to style for all the reasons stated above. Before committing to the expense of a large mirror to hang over your fireplace make sure to keep in mind the do’s and dont’s discussed earlier. I truly love this design although I would add in some colorful flowers or other some greenery to truly take this design style over the top.

Mirror Fireplaces Closing

Mirror fireplaces can be both beautiful and practical and are a great way to add a unique touch to any living space, if done correctly. Whether you choose a simple round mirror or something more ornate with layers of different decor pieces, adding a mirror over your fireplace can dramatically change the look and feel of your home. The main thing to remember is to enjoy the process and changes can be easily made if you are not satisfied with the outcome.

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