A Tranquil Green: Farrow and Ball Green Smoke

I typically stick to American brands when doing paint color reviews but Farrow & Ball is hard to ignore. Their colors are so classic and have a historic element that makes them feel timeless. Also, we live in the future where we can get almost any color mixed into our local hardware store paint so why not check out all of the options? Farrow and Ball Green Smoke is a color that came up again and again while I was researching the best green paint colors. It is inspired by a color that was popular in the late 19th century. It’s a deep, rich color that is ideal for interiors that want a moody yet calm and serene feel. In this post, we’re exploring Farrow & Ball’s popular gray-green paint color, Green Smoke No. 47. Let’s dive in.

Farrow & Ball Green Smoke No. 47

What color is Farrow and Ball Green Smoke?

Green Smoke No. 47 is a beautiful, deep, muddy shade of green gray. The name “Green Smoke” feels very accurate for this smoky green blue/green gray paint color. It’s a very rich color that can appear dark and moody. It has blue undertones that are not super noticeable but give the color some extra depth that really helps it to stand out in a crowded field of popular green paint colors. In an abundance of natural light, you may see Green Smoke feel slightly more green blue than green gray but overall, it’s a really beautiful muted shared of dark green.

Where Should You Use Green Smoke?

It won’t surprise you that Green Smoke feels most authentic in traditional spaces as it is a color that was inspired by the 19th century. That being said, there are plenty of design styles that work well with Green Smoke, including modern, boho, and transitional styles. If you want to create an inviting space, Green Smoke is certainly a color that can help with that. It looks beautiful as a living room paint color, on kitchen cabinetry, and in bedrooms and powder rooms. You can even use Green Smoke to add a splash of color on an accent wall. 

What Colors Go Well With Green Smoke?

Farrow & Ball’s Green Smoke can be described as a neutral paint color with personality. It’s obviously a rich paint color but with some other neutral colors, it can feel pretty tame. It can also feel bold when paired with other rich-toned colors. You can easily complement Green Smoke with taupes, whites, and warm grays. This will maintain a feeling of calm and serenity.  You can also pair Green Smoke with bold furnishes like terra cotta, rich blues, and gold accents. 

Green Smoke in Real Spaces

Farrow and Ball Green Smoke
via Massucco Warner

Green Smoke no. 47 is a really beautiful choice for kitchen cabinets. In this space with plenty of light, the color appears more blue green than green gray. It contrasts beautifully with the white elements in the kitchen and the gray wood floors.

exterior door paint color Farrow & Ball Green Smoke
via Houzz

I’m always on the hunt for nice exterior paint colors. Green Smoke is a nice natural paint color that goes well with a brick exterior and white trim.

Green Smoke by Farrow and Ball kitchen cabinets
via Bespoke Acorn

Compared to the other kitchen we saw above, in this one, the Green Smoke paint color has more of that gray green that we expect to see from Green Smoke. It’s nice to see it contrasted with the black kitchen island without the space feeling completely dark.

Green Smoke traditional living room
via Trevor Brown Architect photo by Adelina Illiev

This space feels exactly how I expect Green Smoke to feel. The traditional elements in this space really shine with the muddy green paint color.

Green Smoke No.47 by Farrow and Ball kitchen island
via System Six Kitchens

Here’s another kitchen boasting Farrow and Ball Green Smoke. This one, the island is painted Green Smoke while the perimeter remains lighter. It’s the perfect burst of color while still feeling relatively neutral and inviting.

Farrow and Ball Green Smoke can certainly work in the modern farmhouse design style and we see that here. The butcher block countertop is a really beautiful contrast to the deep green cabinetry.

Green Smoke can be a really relaxing paint color and we see that here in this tranquil bedroom. The moody gray green paint color is stunning and pairs beautifully with the copper and mustard accompanying decor.

Alternative Paint Colors to Green Smoke

I love Farrow and Ball’s paint colors but they can be hard to get your hands on in the US so let’s take a look at some alternatives that may give you similar smoky green vibes.

Benjamin Moore’s Enchanted Forest is another muddy green that is very close to Green Smoke. With Enchanted Forest, we have a slightly more green, making it appear just a touch less smoky but still a muted version of a deep, rich green paint color. Both colors are deep in value and will absorb a decent amount of light which means in spaces with little to no natural light they will appear quite dark. Both colors will give you the achieved look of a calm and inviting space. If you like Green Smoke but the ease of getting your hands on paint, Benjamin Moore Enchanted Forest is a good alternative.

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Wrapping Up Green Smoke No.47

Farrow & Ball has some really lovely colors in their catalogue including No. 47, Green Smoke. Green Smoke is a muddy green-gray paint color that can be used in a variety of spaces. We especially love it as a bold kitchen cabinet paint color as well as a tranquil interior wall color. If you are interested in adding some color to your space but keeping a natural element in your home, Green Smoke is a beautiful option.

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