Father’s Day Gift Guide

Whew! It’s already that time of year – Father’s Day is on Sunday and I’m so excited to spoil the dads. The most prized gifts are always the handmade ones from the girls but I like grabbing a few things that Matt wants/needs as well. Around this time of year, there’s usually something Matt has in mind that he’s been eyeing and it’s also a great time to grab those things that he needs. To give you some ideas on what to get the dads in your life, here are a few things that I’m thinking about for Father’s Day as well as things Matt has and absolutely loves!

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Ryobi Drill | We’re big on Ryobi tools in our house. Matt has multiple Ryobi drills and uses them weekly. I love that there is a universal battery on Ryobi tools so if the drill’s juice runs out we can just grab another battery from the garage. This is a great dad gift if your guy enjoys fixing and building!

Fitbit Watch | This is a splurge gift but I know all the dads would love it. If your guy is obsessed with counting steps or run times, this is the perfect gift.

Rayban Sunglasses | Matt’s favorite sunglasses. He’s had them for over a year and loves them. They’re such a great Father’s Day gift.

Striped Swim Trunks | Low key, classic swim trunks – I love the blue and white stripes. These are definitely a great gift especially if you have any trips coming up. They are also 40% off right now!

Coffee Subscription | I love the idea of giving a coffee subscription for father’s day. I recently read an article about the best artisan coffee in the US and this brand caught my eye. They are from San Antonio and our connection to the city (we lived there for some time and Peighton was born there) sold me on them. You can get a single bag of coffee or a subscription for the period of 3 months, 6 months, or one year.

Favorite Crew Tee | Matt is legit a t-shirt connoisseur. He’s super picky about his tees. They have to be a crew neck, they can’t have any visible logos, they can’t shrink, etc. He’s tried a zillion brands and these are his favorite. Each season we buy multiple colors of this shirt and he wears the heck out of them. I’m buying a few of these to replace some old ones that have worn out.

Favorite Flip Flops | Living in Florida, we go through more flip flops than I’d like to admit. These are Matt’s go-to brand and they are affordable and comfy. I’m grabbing him another pair for Father’s Day.

Sound Bar | This is a gift for all of us. Matt has been talking about getting a sound bar for the living room tv for ages. I did some research and this one has the best reviews for the price (under $80).

Travel Toiletry Bag | I’m ordering this for Matt. He travels a lot and surprisingly he doesn’t have a toiletry bag instead, he tosses everything in a Ziploc and calls it good. Of course, he could care less but I know once he had a proper toiletry bag, he’d appreciate it.

Athletic Shorts | Made by the same brand that makes the best leggings in the world, these are the best athletic shorts. Breathable and comfortable – these are great for lounging as well.

Suede Slip-On Sneakers | These shoes are a great alternative to the typical sneakers that Matt usually wears. I love that they are versatile and can be worn with shorts and jeans or khakis for a more dressy look. They have great reviews and many mention how comfortable they are which is an absolute must for my guy! If navy blue isn’t your thing, they come in four colors.

What are you gifting your guy for Father’s Day?

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